Why Should Your Organization Use Procure to Pay Software?

Apr 16, 2018

A procure to pay process in a typical organization is lengthy, time-consuming, and laborious. The process starts out with requirement planning, then RFQ, vendor selection, purchase order, goods receipt, order and goods assessment, payment invoice, and reporting. Manually going through all such processes can be hard and laden with errors. Additionally, an organization may be running multiple processes in parallel with numerous vendors, and tracking them might just go out of hand. A traditional procure to pay process involves a lot of checks, authorizations, paperwork, communication, and errors. With a flurry of innovations in this sector, automation has stood out as the clear winner as it helps organizations better understand their spend and increase contract compliance. So why should an organization use procure to pay software?

Benefits of Procure to Pay (P2P) Software

Enhanced spend visibility

Automation eliminates the requirement for a lot of paperwork and enforces manual checks within each stage of the procure to pay process. Automated procure to pay software provides end to end visibility between POs, goods receipts, invoices, and other documents to ensure goods are as per specification before issuing payment. By providing real-time data to both buyers and suppliers, it offers better srequest proposalpend visibility.

Easy access to records

Procure to pay software eliminates all the paperwork and stores all records in the system digitally. As a result, it becomes easier when procurement professionals want to retrieve data on a particular supplier or transaction. They can get the data instantly, rather than having to go through all the files and documents. Also, buyers can easily access the online catalogs from suppliers, and also review and approve purchase orders in electronic formats. Additionally, the cloud-based system can provide selective permissions and encryption to allow multiple levels of access. It can also generate automated reminders to alert users when purchase orders are pending or require approvals.

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Catalog management

Contracts are an essential document for any organization. Hence, they store such documents regardless of importance or time. However, it’s not the same with catalogs; they only keep catalogs from a selected few suppliers. Procurement professionals cannot access information on suppliers past offerings or offerings from new suppliers as they do not have their catalogs. An automated procure to pay software helps procurement professionals to link the software with the contract management system and store contracts in the absence of catalogs of a supplier. Such software assists procurement professionals to fetch details and historical costs of previous orders from a particular supplier even without a catalog.

Proactive reporting

The automated procure to pay software has the ability to create reports that provide more profound insights into supplier performance. It can detail over supplier spends over various levels, compliance issues, and status of contracts and shipments. Such real-time reports are valuable to businesses as it assists them with strategic spend analysis and controls their maverick spend.

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