Top Procurement Trends in Air Quality Monitoring Market

Top Procurement Trends in Air Quality Monitoring Market

Measurement of air quality is of vital importance to many businesses. In some sectors, it’s a means of attaining a healthy working atmosphere, whereas in others it can be of critical importance. For instance, a single speck of dust can ruin the functioning of an entire Request Free Samplechip. Organizations invest in top-notch air quality monitoring systems not only to improve the working conditions but also to comply with emission standards. They do so by employing various indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring (AQM) systems along with ozone monitoring and control systems.

Organizations and governments are demanding complex air quality monitoring systems as they have to adhere to stringent emissions regulations. Here are some of the procurement trends in the air quality monitoring market:

Demand for Real-Time Monitoring of Air Quality

Environment protection authorities are demanding real-time monitoring of air quality to monitor constant changes in the quality levels. This way, they can alert citizens to take protective measures such as wear masks in case the air quality exceeds the stipulated standards. For instance, air monitoring network in Queensland, Australia provides an hourly update on air quality and publishes the data immediately for corrective actions.

Use of Modeling Techniques for Air Quality Monitoring

More complex aspects of air quality monitoring require using mathematical simulation to derive a correlation between the source of emissions and its impact on ambient air quality. This way, authorities can use such models to anticipate the result of policy change aimed at reducing air pollution. AERMOD, CMAQ, C-LINE, and Downscaler models are some of the widely used modeling techniques by local authorities.

Cross Border Collaboration for Effective AQM 

It is essential for environmental agencies across different regions to collaborate on reducing emission levels. Collaborations across the geography amongst environmental agencies results in improvements in the air quality monitoring methodology. Such measures help them develop new measurement methods and achieve long-term sustainability results.

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