SpendEdge’s Supply Chain Analysis Helps an Agribusiness Company Maximize Sustainability Across the Supply Chain

SpendEdge’s Supply Chain Analysis Helps an Agribusiness Company Maximize Sustainability Across the Supply Chain

Category Overview

In recent years, the growth of the agribusiness industry has dipped owing to the falling agricultural price index. The declining agricultural prices have a carry-through effect as they flow through the supply chain, thereby, slowing industry revenue growth. However, the rising consumer preferences for premium-priced organic and natural products have boosted the growth of the agribusiness industry. request free proposalMoreover, the agribusiness industry is expected to experience a steady growth across the globe as improved economic conditions enable downstream buyers to demand more agricultural products and services. To overcome the challenges and gain a stronger foothold in agribusiness industry space, leading companies in this space have started leveraging the use of robust supply chain analysis studies.

With years of experience in offering a wide array of supply chain analysis solutions, SpendEdge helps companies operating in the agribusiness space to maximize their sustainability across the supply chain.

The Procurement Pain Point and Insights Offered

A leading agribusiness industry client with business units spread across several geographies was facing predicaments in meeting the mounting global demand for agricultural products and services while balancing the need to use such resources for fuel, food, or animal feed, and minimizing environmental degradation. Seeking guidance to align their supply chain management with best practices, the client approached SpendEdge.

To cater to the business requirements and help the agribusiness industry client overcome their predicaments, SpendEdge tailored an in-depth two-step research methodology. This research methodology included primary and secondary research coupled with qualitative and quantitative data collection procedures.

During the course of the supply chain analysis engagement, the agribusiness industry client was able to evaluate the impacts of related operations on the environment and also helped them understand stakeholder views and recommended options for maximizing sustainability. Additionally, the client was provided with an executive-level guidance on the commitments and structural changes necessary to further integrate sustainable business practices.

Fundamental questions answered in this supply chain analysis engagement include

Business Outcome

The agribusiness industry client enhanced their roles, responsibilities, and structures inside the company to anticipate sustainability risks and opportunities more effectively, subsequently delivering value across business units.

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