Category Management Solution for A Logistics Services Provider

Category Management Solution for A Logistics Services Provider

Category Overview

The global logistics services industry is expected to grow steadily owing to the recent advances in technology and the changing outlook of the current logistics services from large manufacturing industries across the globe. Moreover, with the rapidly changing business and consumer demands, organizations have started adopting lean logistics services to optimize the current logistics networks.request free proposal

Thereby, firms operating in the logistics services industry space have started leveraging the use of category management solutions to retain their market share and gain a competitive edge over the peers.

With years of expertise in offering similar services, SpendEdge’s category management solutions help players operating in the logistics services space to formulate superior sourcing strategies and consequently reduce maverick spends across the supply chain. These solutions also help clients reduce their overall inventory spending.

The Procurement Pain Point and Insights Offered

A global logistics services provider with offices spread across the world was facing predicaments in understanding the potential impacts of their sourcing and procurement processes on the overall spends. Additionally, the client was facing difficulties in analyzing the customer data and gaining strategic insights into the suppliers’ diversity, pricing, and cost structure. The client also wanted to gain a deeper understanding of the factors influencing the fluctuating pricing landscape of the suppliers.

To help the client with their specific business requirement, the category management experts at SpendEdge tailored a two-step research methodology, which involved primary and secondary research coupled with qualitative and quantitative data collection procedures.

The category management solution helped the logistics services client gain better visibility into their procurement processes. This helped them understand the potential impacts of these operations on their overall spends. Additionally, the client gained insights into the latest trends in the industry space and supplier’s pricing and cost structures.

Fundamental questions answered in this category management study include

Logistics ServicesBusiness Outcome

The logistics services client was able to able to understand the factors influencing the price trends and fluctuations across the industry. This helped them enhance their decision making on the supplier selection and subsequently optimized their logistics networks.

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