Supply Chain Management for A Leading Smart TV Manufacturer Helps Achieve Savings of US$ 300,000

Supply Chain Management for A Leading Smart TV Manufacturer Helps Achieve Savings of US$ 300,000

Importance of Supply Chain Management

DemoWithout an efficient (SCM) supply chain management  function, establishments across industries face roadblocks. As a result, supply chain management is considered as a comprehensive process that starts from the raw materials and inbound logistics all the way to the outbound logistics and putting down the idea on a table. Furthermore, SCM is crucial to an organization’s success and customer satisfaction as it embraces all the activities that lead to the success of the entire organization. This includes planning, operations, transport, inventory management, warehouse management, and marketing operations of service providers, suppliers, and clients.

5 Functions of Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management maintains the balance between the supply and demand and comprises of activities from procurement of resources and to guaranteeing delivery at the right time to reach the end-user. Similarly, a streamlined supply chain management process can enhance customer relationship and lower down operational costs. Let’s take a look at five functions of supply chain management:

Information Workflow: Information circulation and sharing is what really keeps all functions of supply chain management on track.

Purchasing: refers to obtaining raw materials and resources to manufacture the end products.

Resource Management: decides the allocation of resources in the right time to enhance production at reduced costs.

Operations: involves in demand planning and forecasting. Additionally, an organization must anticipate the possible market demand and the number of units it needs to produce.Contact US

Logistics: is a function of supply chain management that necessitates immense coordination. This is where the manufacturing of products has started.

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