Developing a Robust Spend Management Process for an Asset Management Company – A Case Study by SpendEdge

Developing a Robust Spend Management Process for an Asset Management Company – A Case Study by SpendEdge

Benefits of Spend Analysis

Having an effective spend analysis solution in place is more of a requisite to maximize savings. But to reap maximum benefits from the current spend management strategy is not an easy task. Having worked with 50+ clients across industries and multiple consulting firms, our spend analysis experts have curated the top five benefits of spend analysis:

  • Minimize maverick purchasing
  • Rationalize supplier base
  • Benchmark performance against market developments
  • Identify price arbitrages
  • Effectively manage risks

Spend Analysis: A 6-step approach

At Quantzig we understand how important it is for companies to overcome the traditional roadblocks to spend management in order to gain insights into the ways to improve their sourcing strategies. A ‘Spend Analysis’ helps businesses do just that. Our experts have outlined the seven essential steps to conduct a proper spend analysis:

Step 1: Identify

The initial and most crucial step revolves around the identification of spend data available from different departments across an organizations business units. It includes- general ledger data, accounts payable, and data from e-procurement systems.

Step 2: Gather

The second step involves consolidation of all the spend data into a central database.

Step 3: GroupDemo

Group suppliers into different categories for better supplier management.

Step 4: Categorize

Categorize your spend data to analyze where the maximum amount is being spent.

Step 5: Analyze

Analyzing spend data is a major step to ensure that you have negotiated the best contract deals per supplier.

Step 6: Repeat

Performing a spend analysis once is a good start to identifying potential savings opportunities. However, to ensure the adherence to your contract terms it is important to update the data continually and repeat the process periodically.

About the Client

The client- is a Fortune 500 asset management company that specializes in managing a wide range of mutual funds, pension plans, and other similar services.

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