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Learn how SpendEdge is helping clients navigate sourcing and procurement challenges in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted lives and challenged the business landscape globally. Actionable insights, expert advice, and reliable data are critical to many businesses looking to future-proof their sourcing and procurement operations, as well as to those exploring new market opportunities. Our procurement intelligence team works with private and public companies across diverse industries to support them in dealing with pandemic consequences to the supply chain such as travel restrictions, logistics constraints, labor shortages, supply shortages, and much more. We have developed a COVID-19 impact analysis framework for our clients, both buyers and suppliers, to ensure business continuity and seizing new opportunities in an ever-changing market.  


To help businesses overcome supply chain challenges and better understand the impact of the coronavirus on business continuity, we offer customized sourcing and procurement intelligence solutions and insights on impact assessment strategies, impact analysis, demand and supply trends, LCC and BCC, supplier risk analysis, supply chain risk assessment, deal benchmarking, and negotiation support.

Diagnostic Test Kits

SpendEdge has been actively monitoring the impact of the coronavirus on the procurement and supply of diagnostic testing kits in global markets. Our experts have identified the top 100 coronavirus (COVID-19) test kit manufacturers in the world that have received authorization from global health authorities.


In addition to our custom advisory solutions to help you navigate the Covid-19 challenges, we assist our clients with valuable access to BizVibe Buyers Network. We will maximize the potential of BizVibe to identify and source suppliers for your products and/or services. The end result will be a suppliers’ intelligence report to equip your team with actionable decision-making in no time.

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Insightful articles, proprietary data, and guides to help businesses navigate the transition into the new normal. We pride ourselves in our market intelligence and insights, and are offering support to any business looking for specific insights to inform their decision-making. Simply reach out to discover what we can do for you.

Access the COVID-19 Resource Center to tap into the latest sourcing and procurement research and insights or schedule time with our analysts for a free demo of the platform.

COVID-19 Impact Whitepapers


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Industry Impact

The global economy is in a state of paralysis as the novel coronavirus impact has forced countries to take extreme measures for the safety of their citizens. The pandemic has exposed weaknesses in global supply chains across industries even as companies continue testing their resilience. SpendEdge, a global leader in procurement and sourcing market intelligence and research, has been assessing the impact of the coronavirus on industries since the outbreak in China in late 2019. Today, we are partnering with customers across sectors to provide on-demand advisory services and market intelligence on the impact of COVID-19.


Demand for minerals and metals has fallen considerably as buyers hold unused inventories they are unable to move. On a more positive note, governments will soon start taking initiatives to revive their economies with new safety measures in place. Buyers around the world will be closely monitoring the situation to find favorable opportunities for materials procurement.


The global manufacturing and construction industries are bearing the direct brunt of economic uncertainties, marked by stressed supply chains, massive delays in incoming and outgoing deliveries, and an increase in raw material costs. The exponential rise of COVID-19 cases will result in serious supply bottlenecks, which could lead to a very weak growth scenario for industrial products.


COVID-19 is making a direct impact on the energy industry, which is facing dampened demand for oil resulting in plummeting oil prices and production cuts across the globe. The next few weeks are crucial for the energy industry demand curve. SpendEdge examines the impact of the novel coronavirus on the global energy and utilities industries and the consequent demand-supply situation.

Freight and Transportation

The freight and transportation industry is seeing lower demand from key buyer industries such as manufacturing and e-commerce. However, effective government intervention may lead to a revival of the transportation sector within a medium-term period. This revival will directly depend on the recovery of key buyer industries such as manufacturing, e-commerce, and construction.

Information and Communication Technology

The global pandemic has adversely impacted shipments across ICT verticals, with most vendors forecasting a 5% to 30% impact on their yearly shipments. The software and services sector has seen reduced demand as buyers put their spending on hold. Communication services are also affected by the global lockdown and shortage of on-premises workers.

Featured Resources

A curated resource hub of articles, whitepapers, webinars, and blogs related to the coronavirus impact on industries and on companies’ sourcing, procurement, and financial operations.

Looking for specific insights and data points? We understand that these are unprecedented times for individuals and businesses and are making our proprietary analyses and data available to our customers and prospective clients.


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The increasing focus on the prevention of coronavirus pandemic through rapid-testing is anticipated to boost sales growth for coronavirus (COVID-19) test kit manufacturers.


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The COVID-19 outbreak is having a distressing impact on the global economy, and there are several procurement and supply chain challenges that businesses need to overcome quickly.

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