Initial Challenges and Benefits of Partnering with an Ideal Managed Service Provider to Add Value to Your Business

Initial Challenges and Benefits of Partnering with an Ideal Managed Service Provider to Add Value to Your Business

LONDON: SpendEdge, a global procurement market intelligence firm, has announced the release of their report portfolio on global managed services industry and how these reports can assist in selecting the most appropriate managed service provider who can add value to your business.

Instances of financial bankruptcies and major data breaches are compelling global security watchdogs to tighten their grips on organizations. Regular strides being made in the field of technology are creating immense pressure on organizations who are finding it a cumbersome task to scale up their processes to meet the rising requirements. Such phenomena are driving the focus on core areas that bring value to the business. This, on the other hand, is creating tremendous opportunities for the managed services companies who are experiencing an incremental spend from reputed organizations.

Challenges faced while procuring from managed service provider?

Typically, organizations hand over a critical part of the business infrastructure to the managed service provider who strives to boost the operational efficiency. However, in today’s market, procuring managed services can be a cumbersome task. Considering the criticality of the business handed over, the managed service provider must possess the requisite experience to cater to the organizational requirements. While most of the leading organizations are migrating their business infrastructure into the cloud, a majority of the top managed service providers are still not well-versed with this technological trend.

The presence of an exhaustive pool of managed services companies makes it more difficult to select the right managed service provider without proper insights. Often, scopes of services offered by the managed services companies fail to scale up to the buyer’s organizational goal. This invariably results in a massive procurement failure.

Partnering with a managed service provider involves sharing sensitive business information with a third party. The lack of a bullet-proof mode of operation has frequently resulted in major data security breaches. This is one of the major reasons that are deterring many organizations from procuring managed services solutions

                                                 — says SpendEdge procurement expert Tridib Bora.

SpendEdge’s latest procurement reports on the managed services category are aimed at catering to the queries of buyers who are facing challenges in the MSP market. The scope of these reports ranges from recommending managed services pricing strategies to highlighting the top managed service providers within the current MSP market.

Global Digital Print Category – Procurement Market Intelligence Report The food and beverage sector is rapidly adopting smart labeling techniques, a category sub-segment, which, in turn, will result in a steep rise in the digital print price. This market intelligence report recommends the top managed service providers in this category who are known to supply at a competitive digital print price.

Digital print

Global Enterprise Content Management Category – Procurement Market Intelligence ReportOne of the best procurement practices in this market is to ensure proper collaboration between internal teams of buyers and service providers. Effective implementation of an ECM system requires proper communication between internal groups of buyers and service providers. Other insights offered in this report range from specific managed services pricing to highlighting the top managed service providers.

Global Enterprise Content Management

Global ATM Managed Services Category – Procurement Market Intelligence ReportConsidering the criticality of this category, buyers must partner with a managed service provider who exhibits a high level of technology adoption such as the use of IoT, self-service software, and anti-cybercrime strategies. This procurement market intelligence report recommends a specific set of supplier selection criteria to choose the right service provider to deliver at minimum ATM managed services pricing.

Global ATM Managed Services Category

Global Security Printing Category – Procurement Market Intelligence ReportIn this category, a managed service provider is expected to exercise control over the raw materials price which is extremely volatile. This will category procurement at controlled managed services pricing. The procurement report on security printing category recommends the leading managed services companies. 

Global Security Printing Category

Global Web-to-Print Category – Procurement Market Intelligence ReportMost of the managed service providers in this category have failed to scale up to the advancements in the web to print platform. This procurement report identifies the critical supply selection criteria that can be leveraged to select the appropriate vendor. It also enlists the top managed service providers who are ruling the current web-to-print market.

Global Web-to-Print Category

Global Label and Package Printing Category – Procurement Market Intelligence ReportCategory managers must engage with the service providers that use proprietary or third-party MIS software solution that can help streamline and estimate production costs and workflow. It can effectively offer visibility and control of the managed services pricing for this category.

Global Label and Package Printing Category

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