Manufacturing Industry: Manufacturing Cost Strategies, Procurement Challenge, Supply Market Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

Manufacturing Industry: Manufacturing Cost Strategies, Procurement Challenge, Supply Market Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

LONDON: SpendEdge, a global procurement market intelligence firm, has announced the release of their report portfolio on the global manufacturing industry.

While technology is playing a big role in transforming production processes in the global manufacturing industry, a majority of the key industry players are struggling to identify optimal manufacturing cost strategies to deploy the newest innovations in their business infrastructure. An industrial manufacturing project typically entails an indefinite procurement spend, which pose as a major procurement challenge for the stakeholders to morph their current cost strategies to make space for additional investments. Established companies who boast a full gamut of industrial operations are still managing to eke out profits from their customer base.

However, SpendEdge argues that the marketplace is one unforgiving forum where the ability to identify and adapt to new trends defines the success of firms. The Industry 4.0 revolution, which asserts the necessity of adopting automation in the manufacturing process, is mounting additional pressure on category managers who are struggling to revamp their old-school business model to usher in the breakthrough capabilities without loosening their purse strings. A majority of such category managers are finding answers to such procurement challenge in the market intelligence reports developed by the procurement experts at SpendEdge. These reports help in the creation of a tangible procurement strategy along with optimal manufacturing cost strategies that befit the changing trends of this market space. By assessing the potential risks affecting the market, these sourcing and procurement reports recommend a set of procurement best practices that are meant to foster stability while practicing business in this market.

At present, technical strides being made in this industry is increasing the procurement complexities. Our procurement reports for this category analyses the current market that includes cost-benefit analysis of the supply market trends and category-related procurement challenges and offer necessary insights to devise optimal manufacturing procurement strategies

— says SpendEdge procurement expert Angad Singh.

Explore various manufacturing cost strategies, the current supply market trends, and procurement models listed in these reports to develop sustainable business models that ensure profitability at a time when the market is influenced by external factors.

Global Laser Processing Category – Procurement Market Intelligence Report– Engaging with backward integrated suppliers has facilitated with significant cost savings in the long-run. Utilization of low in-house manufacturing of lasers helps buyers with opportunities to negotiate the price of the contract. Explore other critical manufacturing cost strategies and the current supply market trends highlighted in this report.

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Oil and Gas Accumulator Sourcing and Procurement Market Intelligence ReportIncreasing exploration activities done by oil and gas companies worldwide will result in an accelerating global spend growth rate for oil and gas accumulators. This market intelligence report identifies the key cost drivers to help category managers understand factors that spur the total cost of ownership.

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Global Lathe Machines Category – Procurement Market Intelligence ReportEngaging with global suppliers generating a higher profit margin helps buyers identify ways to procure a lathe machine at discounted prices. This procurement report has also identified the major supply market trends and the procurement challenges faced in this category.

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Global Milling Machines Category – Procurement Market Intelligence ReportBuyers can achieve procuring manufacturing supplies in reduced rate in this fragmented market by partnering with suppliers who are exploiting various channels to increase market share. Explore other manufacturing cost strategies recommended in this procurement report.

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Electronic Manufacturing Services Sourcing and Procurement Market Intelligence Report- Lack of visibility into the latest innovations is posing as a major procurement challenge in this category. Employing a gain-sharing model will allow better access to latest advancements that can also help to procure at low manufacturing cost.

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