Increasing Oil and Gas Extraction Activities Driving the Demand for Oilfield Services

Increasing Oil and Gas Extraction Activities Driving the Demand for Oilfield Services

SpendEdge Procurement Market Intelligence InfographicsLondon, Apr 27, 2018: A slow recovery in oil and gas prices, due to an easing of the supply glut in the market, is motivating operators to revisit shelved E&P projects, leading to growth in OFS demand. The supply glut was the result of price wars among the top oil and gas producing countries, which resulted in the supply of oil and gas exceeding the demand. As a result, the demand for oilfield services was on the rise.

SpendEdge’s latest procurement research report on the global oilfield services market offers an in-depth assessment of the crucial factors influencing the supply market, strategic procurement and sourcing decisions, pricing models, and procurement best practices. The report, a part of the chemicals, also offers detailed insights into the supply chain management, key market developments, and demand-supply shifts to help sourcing and procurement experts make smart procurement decisions.

“Industrial development, rising global population, and economic growth worldwide drive the need for energy. Oil and gas are the major raw materials for energy-generating companies worldwide. Nearly half of the global energy generated in 2016 was produced using oil and gas which resulted in demand for oilfield services” – Anil Seth, chemicals expert at SpendEdge.

An assessment of compliance of suppliers with labor regulations is essential to buyers. This is critical, as labor issues are prevalent in countries such as child labor and forced labor in countries such as China, Russia, as well as African countries, which have active oil and gas industries, and hence, require OFS. These regions have weak enforcement of regulations, which can result in suppliers engaging in noncompliant activities without the knowledge of authorities.

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This procurement report on the glass oilfield services market offers insights on:

  • Supply markets, growth drivers, trends, and imminent restraints
  • Key suppliers and assessment of their capabilities
  • Procurement best practices
  • Negotiation strategies and cost-saving opportunities
  • Pricing models and category innovations
  • For a comprehensive, detailed list, view our full report

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