Supply Market Analysis, Pricing Trends, and Procurement Best Practices for Mining Explosives Market


Supply Market Analysis, Pricing Trends, and Procurement Best Practices for Mining Explosives Market

The latest procurement market intelligence study by SpendEdge on the mining explosives market helps companies in the metals and mining industry to gain comprehensive information on category essentials, supplier evaluation criteria, encompassing key components like SLA terms, category risk analysis, and category sourcing evolution matrix.

Mining market: examining the growth and demand trends

Around 80% of the global explosive market is driven by the demand for mining explosives according to the recent market research analysis. The different types of explosives are based on the blasting intensity of the excavation and are categorized as low-intensity, controlled-intensity blasting (detonator-sensitive or primary and booster-sensitive or blasting agents), and high-density blasting. The growing demand for raw materials is fueling the competition in the mining explosives market. Business expanding activities are gaining predominance in this industry and suppliers are expanding to African market in search of new opportunities. Safety and sustainability are one of the key focus areas for suppliers, and they are investing in creating effective environmental management plans and designing training modules to meet the demand for highly trained mining workforce. By enhancing in-house production capabilities, vendors are gaining a larger market share. SpendEdge offers market assessment on key suppliers, trends affecting the supply market, and pricing strategy. The detailed study also provides information on recent demand-supply shifts, key category growth drivers, procurement best practices, key market developments, and strategic sustainability practices.

The recent growth and development of the construction industry have a positive impact on the demand for mining explosives. Top companies in this industry are using explosives to demolish old structures and in tunneling projects. Explosives such as dynamites, are used at the site for the construction of intercity tunnels and railway lines. The use of explosives in the quarrying and non-metal mining industries will drive the growth of this industry in the future.

Bulk emulsion explosives

The growing use of bulk emulsion explosives increases the safety during storage and transportation of these products. Bulk emulsion explosives consist of a supersaturated solution of microscopic ammonium nitrate droplets suspended in oil or paraffin and stabilized with emulsifying agents. The demand for these products is driven by its properties of security, safety, high velocity of detonation, excellent resistance to water, and low emissions.

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Increasing use of electronic detonators

The requirement of advanced and sophisticated devices, such as electronic detonators primarily due to suppliers’ need for cost-effective devices to gain a competitive advantage in the global market. These electronic detonators provide better vibration controls, automatic time delay for controlled blasting, and enhances productivity. These devices enhance the value gained from mining ores, and product innovations will offer exceptional outcomes during blasting.

What solutions SpendEdge offer to businesses

SpendEdge’s supply market analysis team provides an overview of the metals and mining market and offers insights on the growth prospects and changing market trends. Some of the solutions offered are as follows:

  • Deploy a team of industry experts that address the requirements specific to the needs of the client
  • Offer insights on key market developments, recent demand-supply shifts, procurement best practices, key category growth drivers, and strategic sustainability practices specific to the mining explosives industry
  • Assess the key competitors’ functional capabilities in terms of blasting services, mining explosives, blasting consultants, mining chemicals, and delivery service
  • Design growth strategies and track the latest developments and procurement trends in the market

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