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A leading procurement services advisory company with over 17 years of experience and presence across the globe. 

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Our Committment to Your Procurement Excellence

We are a leading procurement services advisory firm with more than 17 years of experience and presence across the globe. We have a team of 550+ analysts who possess expertise in various domains and are capable of monitoring different markets and capturing insights on our clients’ specific areas of focus. We have worked with more than 200 clients, including 55 Fortune 500 companies. We currently have a 90% client retention rate, and are committed to solving 100% of our clients’ procurement service challenges. That is our mission: to be a trusted, value-added partner to your sourcing and procurement teams.

SpendEdge’s procurement market intelligence solutions provide a wide portfolio of procurement services to suit the exact needs of our clients:


  • Intelligence: market intelligence, supplier intelligence, sourcing intelligence, pricing intelligence, procurement intelligence, competitive market intelligence.
  • Risksupplier/supply chain risk assessment and risk analysis.
  • Category: category market intelligence, category plan development, indirect sourcing roadmap development.
  • Contract: RFx events execution and management, contracting best practices assessment, contract negotiation support.
  • Benchmarking: supplier benchmarking, price benchmarking, spend benchmarking, procurement benchmarking, deal benchmarking, negotiation benchmarking, contracting benchmarking.

Our Expertise

Category Market Intelligence

Transitioning your category procurement strategy beyond cost-saving and into a strategic function of the organization.

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Supply Market Analysis

Enabling companies to achieve procurement maturity, enhanced savings and reduced risks through supply market intelligence.

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Low-Cost Country Sourcing/Best Cost Country Sourcing

Empowering you to select the most optimal cost sourcing locations, by understanding prime cost advantages and the associated risks.

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Developing a competitive edge and winning strategy through supplier, price and procurement best practice benchmarking.

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Spend Analysis

Optimizing an organization’s spend, by effectively identifying, categorizing, visualizing and evaluating in to order identify savings across the supply chain.

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Cost Modeling and Should-Cost Analysis

Obtaining visibility of costs across the value chain to make informed suppliers, pricing, risks and budget-related decisions.

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Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Analysis

Estimating the true cost of doing business, including all direct and indirect costs as the foundation for price negotiations.

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Supplier Risk Analysis

Leaning on timely proprietary and secondary market research to evaluate the supplier risk profile in order to mitigate risks.

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Supply Chain Risk Assessment

Future-proofing operations and profitability against predictable and unpredictable surprises across the supply chain.

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Sustainability Practices Assessment

Transforming businesses and procurement practices with a focus on the triple bottom line value generation: financial, environmental and social.

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Commodity Price Forecasting

Activating data-driven procurement planning, assessing pricing-related risks, and supply chain disruptions due to price volatility.

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Category Management

Transitioning your category procurement strategy beyond cost-saving and into a strategic function of the organization.

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Supplier Negotiations

Positioning sourcing and procurement teams for winning negotiations with current and prospective suppliers.

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Contract Management

Increasing confidence and efficiency in contract negotiation and execution, through analysis, insights and best practices.

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Procurement Service as a Strategic Function

Procurement and supply chain organization functions now can play a critical role in achieving a company’s strategic objectives without being mere back-office operational functions. Procurement service intelligence empowers procurement and supply chain teams to think and act strategically across the whole value chain. Their role in driving product and service innovation and process improvements is critical in maximizing value and cost reductions year after year.

Sourcing strategies are numerous and the client’s needs always evolving. We specialize in in-depth market analysis and supplier assessment to provide insights that can power effective and sustainable procurement decisions. Our analysis and assessment capabilities can be utilized to obtain insights at an individual category or supplier level, allowing clients to create strategies, decisions, and negotiations that are driven by data, insights and knowledge. Our strategic sourcing advisory solutions range from spot buys to strategic sourcing projects and from make-buy to insource/outsource. We have worked with all types of clients and catered to a variety of sourcing needs with proven results and high success rates. Let us know if you are interested in reviewing a specific case study and we’d be happy to share our results through an NDA. Request Case Study

External threats such as natural disasters, pandemics, political instabilities, and social pressures or opportunities such as rapid technological advancements, the rise of the digital economy, and the mobile work force create opportunities for mid-size and large companies to think about expansion into other markets and geographies.

With the rise of the digital economy and start-up firms, many cost-saving opportunities and much maximization of value can be found in processes and operations that harvest and manage information and data. It is critical that procurement companies are up to speed with all the emerging and cutting-edge suppliers that can help them achieve increased profitability by reducing costs, managing risks (data, brand equity, and intellectual property), and providing sustainable solutions that will fulfill current and emerging consumer trends.

Companies are continuously on a quest to maximize value and reduce costs year after year. Their role is no longer back of the office operation and buying; their strategic relevance to the business success has increased tremendously with procurement services becoming a strategic pillar to operations. Also, it is a key factor in maximizing value, reducing costs and driving innovation in processes and business solutions. Our business intelligence solutions focus on providing the best procurement solutions rather than mere direct and indirect materials or services.


Our key core competencies that are driving clients’ success:

  • Focus on delivering actionable sourcing and procurement market insights and not content/data dump.
  • Ability to deliver customized reports, answering 100% of questions.
  • Local teams across the globe to provide best-in-class support and ensure complete client satisfaction.
  • • Unique combination of customized research and products ( and
  • Holistic Coverage of Categories and Sub-categories in alignment with your ecosystem
  • Helps us deliver value beyond just market insights
  • We constantly improve the way insights are delivered through advanced BI tools, Web Based Platforms etc.
  • Cost effective solutions offering maximum “value-for-money”

As an organization, we are focused towards employing innovative techniques for development of actionable insights that help clients with improved savings, profit maximization, risk reduction, and extraction of maximum value from data.

Our Clients

Automotive and Tire

Banking, Financial Services and Insurance

Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences



Food and Beverage

Industrial and Manufacturing

ICT, Media and Entertainment

Mining, Metals and Minerals

Retail and CPG


Procurement Excellence Professionals

A procurement excellence professional develops strategies and initiatives to align procurement processes with both internal and external teams as well as with organizational objectives. This includes managing procurement-related risk and improving performance in terms of quality, growth, competitiveness, and other metrics.

Our Commitment

We have a deep understanding of and specialization in sourcing and procurement intelligence that has been curated and solidified these past 16+ years and is always evolving. We will help you achieve a competitive edge and procurement excellence in your organization.

Sourcing Excellence (Manager level and above)

Sourcing excellence professionals drive sourcing initiatives, from identifying sourcing opportunities and creating strategies to implementing plans and managing contracts. Professionals in this role need to consider factors such as cost advantage, speed-to-market, risk, supplier relationships, and more, sometimes on a global scale.

Our Commitment

We support sourcing excellence managers with intelligence and insights which will equip them to manage BPOs and coordinate their work with category leaders and business partners in order to drive procurement excellence across the supply chain.

Procurement Market Intelligence Professionals

Procurement market intelligence professionals research and monitor external factors such as economic conditions, competitor presence and behavior, supply markets, and more. Such data is essential to identifying suppliers, trends, risks, and opportunities. This role supports category leaders and helps drive organizational strategy.

Our Commitment

We enable procurement market intelligence professionals to make informed decisions base on reliable and real-time insights tailored to their needs. Our team members will work closely with you to assess your needs and address 100% of your questions.

Category Manager – Professional Services

A category manager is responsible for the direction and performance of a product or service group, overseeing everything from sourcing and supplier contracts to branding, marketing, pricing, and overall strategy. The role requires in-depth knowledge of the market, competitors, and vendors in order to make key decisions and optimize sales.

Our Commitment

We support category managers across all stages of the procuring life cycle to devise a strategic approach to category management that results in winning category strategies and execution. Our insights empower your procurement experts to strategically plan and execute in alignment with corporate objectives and category KPIs, and to keep on top of upcoming industry and technology trends in their category.

Chief Procurement Officer

The chief procurement officer is responsible for an organization’s entire procurement process, from identifying needs within the company to selecting suppliers, negotiating contracts, and delivering the final items. The CPO helps category leaders maximize value, reduce costs, streamline processes, and manage compliance.

Our Commitment

We empower CPOs to transform their organizational procurement strategy, processes, and capabilities in alignment with organizational objectives in order to achieve competitive advantage in the marketplace. We are the trusted advisor and strategic partner that can help take your organizational function to higher grounds and achieve true procurement excellence. In the last few years we have supported CPOs with sustainable procurement strategy advisory services.

Indirect Procurement (Head/VP/Sr. VP)

Indirect spend professionals are responsible for developing procurement strategies, managing supplier relationships, and developing cost-saving initiatives for key products and services that are essential to the day-to-day operations of the company. These items can include IT equipment and services, consulting, office supplies and equipment, financial systems and services, and much more.

Our Commitment

We enable indirect procurement leaders to develop strategic initiatives within an assigned portfolio of indirect sourcing categories. Our support expands into the development of category strategies, cost-saving opportunities, supplier profiling, supplier negotiation and relationship management, vendor on-boarding processes, and overall an increased value from indirect spend categories.

Procurement in the Private Sector

SpendEdge has been building a reputation and a consolidated client portfolio across SMBs and Fortune 500 companies in over 10+ sectors for these past 16+ years. Our team of 500+ procurement analysts and industry experts engages with clients on short- and long-terms projects via our advisory services model SEinsights or off-the-shelf market procurement reports. Speak to our procurement experts today on how we can help your organization.

Procurement in the Public Sector

SpendEdge has provided market intelligence services for clients in public procurement offices. We understand the rigorous procedures and procurement requirements that come with buyer-supplier relations, the risks associated with public procurement, and the importance of data and transparency in the process. Speak to us about your upcoming RFP/RFI

Procurement in Academia

SpendEdge works with academic institutions to help enhance their procurement functions and increase their supply chain value. In addition, we take pride in engaging in pro bono work with schools and universities that require access to industry and market research data, as well as geographical analysis. Talk to us about a procurement project or services we can help you with.

We service clients from these geographies and more…

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Luxembourg
  • Middle East
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Singapore
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Others

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