Supply Market Intelligence

Closely monitor supply market conditions for improved supply chain strategies and obtain in-depth sourcing and procurement insights.


Category Assessment

Our end-to-end category assessment solutions help clients to be aware of the latest developments in the category markets, improve category forecasting and budgeting, and develop successful category plans.


Supply Market Analysis

With our geographic penetration and domain expertise, we provide effective supply market intelligence solutions that help clients obtain accurate real-time insights, right from evaluating and determining appropriate supply markets to conducting in-depth analysis and profiling suppliers.


Price Trends and Forecasts

With real-time price tracking and accurate forecasting of raw materials, commodities, and services, our supply market intelligence solutions enable procurement professionals to achieve maximum cost savings.


Low Cost Country (LCC) Sourcing

By obtaining detailed market intelligence information on the supply market and supplier landscapes from specialized databases, we assist clients in identifying & selecting best cost sourcing locations, understanding prime cost advantages, and the associated risk elements.


Supplier Cost Analysis

By employing supplier cost analysis (or) price breakdown analysis technique we gain a detailed understanding of the various components and help clients in procuring the right products and services at the right price levels.


Sourcing Best Practices Analysis

By realizing the need to keep a track of activities and innovations, we help clients from various industries in understanding the best sourcing & category management practices and also help procurement organizations in developing robust procurement and sourcing strategies.

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