Global Clinical Research Services Category - Procurement Market Intelligence Report

  • Published: Jan 2019
  • Pages: 106
  • SKU: IRCMSTR13803-1
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Key findings: Clinical research services


This clinical research services procurement research report offers a predictive analysis of the critical cost drivers and the current supply market trends that will facilitate a better understanding of the market from the cost perspective.

The offset of chronic ailments, increase in aging demography, and augmented spend potential are paving the way for the development of newer drugs and treatments. Consequently, the pharmaceutical industry is increasing their adoption of various clinical research services to develop new drugs while the healthcare industry is seeking services to make the treatments more affordable. The global clinical service providers are partnering with their regional counterparts to retain local clinical trial sites as such sites enable the local population to run clinical trials. This is functional in reducing the cost of acquiring patients. This practice is also creating the needs to adopt technological capabilities such as EDC, eTMF, CRF and RBM to enhance research processes, which, in turn, is driving the spend growth potential of the clinical research services.

Insights delivered


This sourcing and procurement report on the clinical research services highlights the critical procurement and supply market challenges faced by buyers in terms of cost. However, instead of limiting its scope to just pointing out the challenges, this procurement market intelligence report also offers suitable recommendations to devise a risk-free and a profitable procurement strategy. Additional information includes an analysis of the suppliers cost structure, the total cost of ownership, pricing models observed in different geographies, supply chain margins, and much more.

Our portfolio of reports for the pharma and healthcare category help buyers understand:

  • Understand the spend potential within the supply market
  • Understand total cost of ownership
  • Analyze supply side levers
  • Analyze buyer side levers
  • Understand risk management matrix

Analyze the global category spend for clinical research services


Several developing nations are exhibiting an incremental spend on research and development activities to cater to the requirement of new drugs and medical devices. Buyers from these countries typically prefer outsourcing clinical research services to CROs who possess the skills and knowledge required for clinical trials to invent drugs and devices. This is contributing to the global category spend growth rate in the coming years.

This market intelligence report on clinical research services offers additional information on:

  • Regional spend dynamics
  • Spend opportunity for suppliers
  • Buyer and the supplier ecosystem


Optimize category spend for clinical research services


The advent of RBM as the new clinical monitoring approach, a centralized method of data collection and monitoring is fast replacing the traditional methods that involved on-site visits and source data verification techniques. It is recommended that the buyers engage with the service providers who leverage RBM to clearly define data that are critical to patient safety, identify the potential risks and create risk-mitigation strategies, and set benchmarks that will trigger an investigation and corrective actions.

This market intelligence report on clinical research services also offers coverage of:

  • Strategic sustainability practices
  • Supplier and the buyer KPIs
  • Major category enablers


Assess category spend for the US region


The thriving pharmaceutical industry in the US is characterized by the presence of multinational companies that engage in significant clinical research activities, thereby; promoting the spend growth rate in the region. Also, the increasing expenditure on healthcare, which is exhibiting an upward-moving trend with every passing year, will continue supplementing the category growth in the US.

Additional information offered in this clinical research services sourcing and procurement report will help buyers analyze:

  • Margins of suppliers in the US
  • Category spend in the US
  • Price outlook and forecasts until 2023

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Build strategies for effective supplier selection


In the clinical research field, the quality of service is given paramount importance which also testifies the safety for components such as medical devices, drugs, treatment, and diagnoses that are used in research. In line with this, a buyer must engage with a supplier that conducts clinical quality assurance programs adhering to quality standards as per protocols and international regulations. These programs aid buyers to evaluate the integrity of scientific data, clinical research, and clinical trials.

This supply market intelligence report identifies the major procurement costs incurred and provides additional information on:

  • Supplier relationship management
  • Supplier operational capability
  • Supplier ecosystem outlook


Devise effective category management strategies for clinical research services


The field of clinical research services is highly subjective to a range of regional and global regulations, and failing to adhere to the same has invited approval issues for developed drugs. These issues ramify to sunk cost for category stakeholders and incurring litigation costs. Therefore, it is advised that the category managers pledge absolute adherence to all the regulations and norms to avoid costly litigations.

Key insights offered in this market intelligence report will help the buyers identify:

  • Supply assurance objectives
  • Strategies for reduction of TCO
  • Supplier selection criteria


Determine the spend dynamics for key geographies


Currently, North America claims the largest market share because of the factors like the growth of biosimilar and biologics markets and rising demand for outsourcing of clinical research services to CROs by pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies. Pharmaceutical companies in Europe are conducting research related to gene therapy studies for rare diseases which is accelerating the category spend momentum. Favorable government policies and outsourcing of services done by the pharmaceutical companies are offering the necessary stimulus to the service providers in APAC to improve their service portfolio and adopt advanced technologies to cater to the diverse needs of the buyers.

Key geographies analyzed in this sourcing and procurement report include the following:

  • APAC
  • MEA
  • Europe
  • North America
  • South America

Actionable supply market intelligence including information on the top suppliers of clinical research services,  and risks faced while procuring clinical research services are offered in this report. Download a free sample to understand the complete scope of coverage.

Key Features of Report

Supply Market Insights
Procurement Best Practices
Cost Saving Opportunities
Pricing Models
Negotiation Strategies
Category Risk Analysis
Key Supplier Analysis
Supplier Capability Matrix


Clinical Research Services - Category Spend Analysis

According to SpendEdge analysts, one of the major drivers of growth for the global clinical research services market stems from the increasing adoption of electronic health records. The clinical research industry comes with massive storage of paper records related to drug application and clinical trials. Therefore, buyers prefer maintaining electronic records for the convenience of searching and analyzing of data.


Clinical Research Services - Procurement Best Practices

Buyers prefer to engage with service providers that possess analytical testing capabilities for a wide array of diagnostic disciplines such as chemistry, flow cytometry, hematology, and microbiology. Service providers must be equipped with the latest technology to ensure accuracy in analysis and precise delivery of medicines and devices to the buyers in a time-efficient manner.


 Clinical Research Services - Procurement Challenges

Based on the analysis in this report, the increased cost of clinical research or trial is a major procurement pain point experienced by the buyers. SpendEdge’s procurement specialists predict that the buyers must engage with service providers must possess the necessary skills and infrastructure to deliver customized solutions.

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PART 01: Executive Summary

PART 02: Market Insights

  • Global category spend
  • Category spend growth
  • Spend segmentation by region
  • Regional spend dynamics
  • Regional influence on global spend
  • Regional spend opportunity for suppliers

PART 03: Category Pricing Insights

  • Pricing outlook
  • Supplier cost structure
  • Outlook for input costs
  • Total cost of ownership analysis
  • Overview of pricing models
  • Comparison of pricing models
  • Supply chain margins
  • Cost drivers impacting pricing
  • Volume drivers impacting pricing

PART 04: Cost-Saving Opportunities

  • Supplier-side levers
  • Buyer-side levers
  • Quantifying cost-saving opportunities
  • Quantifying cost savings by negotiation strategies

PART 05: Best Practices

  • Innovation and success stories
  • Procurement excellence best practices
  • Procurement best practices
  • Sustainability practices

PART 06: Category Ecosystem

  • Market favorability index for suppliers
  • Competitiveness index for suppliers
  • Buyer power
  • Supplier power
  • Threat of new entrants
  • Threat of substitutes
  • Buyer ecosystem
  • Supplier ecosystem

PART 07: Category Management Strategy

  • Category management objectives
  • Supplier and buyer KPIs
  • Outsourcing category management activities
  • Risk management

PART 08: Category Management Enablers

  • Procurement organization
  • Category enablers

PART 09: Suppliers Selection

  • RFx essentials
  • Supplier selection criteria
  • Service level agreement
  • Incumbent supplier evaluation metrics

PART 10: Suppliers Under Coverage

  • Overview
  • Supplier positioning
  • Profile: IQVIA
  • Profile: PAREXEL International
  • Profile: Laboratory Corporation of America
  • Profile: ICON
  • Profile: PRA Health Sciences
  • Profile: Pharmaceutical Product Development

PART 11: US Market Insights

  • Category spend in the US
  • Price outlook
  • Supplier cost structure in the US
  • Margins of suppliers in the US
  • Category cost drivers
  • Category volume drivers
  • Overview of best practices in the US
  • Procurement best practices in the US
  • US supply market overview
  • Supplier positioning for the US
  • Regional category risks

PART 12: Category Definition

  • Category hierarchy
  • Category scope
  • Category map

PART 13: Appendix

  • List of abbreviations
  • Key Notes
  • Global category spend (2018-2023)
  • Category spend growth (2018-2023)
  • Regional spend dynamics
  • Regional spend dynamics
  • Comparison of category maturity across regions
  • Regional spend opportunity for suppliers (2018-2023)
  • Category pricing dynamics
  • Supplier cost breakup
  • Input cost dynamics
  • Total cost of ownership model
  • Benefit comparison of pricing models
  • Pricing models – Comparison matrix
  • Supplier margin analysis
  • Margin analysis across supply chain
  • Cost drivers
  • Volume drivers
  • Cost-saving opportunities: Supply-side levers
  • Cost-saving opportunities: Demand-side levers
  • Cost-saving opportunity matrix
  • Negotiation grid
  • Innovation and success stories
  • Procurement excellence summary: Impact on the category
  • Supplier relationship management metrics
  • Strategic sourcing and category management metrics
  • Technology-facilitated procurement metrics
  • Procurement best practices dashboard
  • Sustainability practices: Impact on the category
  • Sustainability best practices
  • Market environment score
  • Market competitiveness score
  • Buyer power score
  • Supplier power score
  • Ease of market entry score
  • Ease of substitution score
  • Buyer ecosystem: Outlook
  • Supplier ecosystem: Outlook
  • Ecosystem disruption threats
  • Key category management objectives
  • Supplier KPI dashboard: Importance for the category
  • Buyer KPI dashboard: Importance for the category
  • Category management enablers
  • Risk management matrix
  • Category enablers: Organization
  • Category enablers: Technology
  • RFx questions
  • Phase I RFI considerations
  • SLA terms
  • Supplier performance benchmarking criteria
  • Supplier operational capability matrix
  • Supplier positioning matrix
  • IQVIA – Key information dashboard
  • PAREXEL International – Key information dashboard
  • Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings – Key information dashboard
  • ICON – Key information dashboard
  • PRA Health Sciences – Key information dashboard
  • Pharmaceutical Product Development – Key information dashboard
  • US category spend (2018-2023)
  • Category pricing dynamics
  • Supplier cost breakup
  • Supplier margin analysis
  • Margin analysis across supply chain
  • Cost drivers
  • Volume drivers
  • Procurement excellence summary: Impact on the category
  • Supplier relationship management
  • Strategic sourcing and category management
  • Technology-facilitated procurement
  • Procurement best practices dashboard
  • Supplier operational capability matrix
  • Supplier positioning matrix
  • Risk management matrix
  • Category definition
  • Category nuances
  • Importance of category relative to other categories

Research Framework

SpendEdge presents a detailed picture of the market by way of study, synthesis, and summation of data from multiple sources. The analysts have presented the various facets of the market with a particular focus on identifying the key category influencers. The data thus presented is comprehensive, reliable, and the result of extensive research, both primary and secondary.


Primary research

  • Procurement heads
  • Category managers
  • Sourcing consortium professionals
  • Industry experts and thought leaders
  • Procurement managers
  • Category heads of suppliers
  • Client account heads/managers
  • Client and industry consultants

Secondary research

  • Industry journals and reports
  • Periodicals and new articles
  • Category webinars
  • Internal categiry playbooks
  • Industry and government websites on regulations and compliance
  • Internal databases
  • Industry blogs/thought leader briefings


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