Global Cooling Towers Category - Procurement Market Intelligence Report

This cooling towers sourcing and procurement report offers supplier market forecasts, overall spend analysis for strategic sourcing and procurement professionals looking to identify cost-saving opportunities.

  • Published: Jan 2018
  • Pages: 87
  • SKU: IRCMSTR14692
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Key Features of Report


Supply Market Insights
Procurement Best Practices
Cost Saving Opportunities
Pricing Models
Negotiation Strategies
Category Risk Analysis
Key Supplier Analysis
Supplier Capability Matrix


Cooling Towers - Category Spend Analysis

According to this cooling towers sourcing and procurement report, increasing development of thermal power plants is a major growth driver for the global cooling towers market. This is mainly because thermal power plants are the largest end-users of cooling towers. The thermal power plant sector is one of the major end-user industries of cooling towers. In thermal power plants, cooling towers are used to maintain the temperature of cooling water that is used for the condensation of steam exhausted from the thermal power plant. This market intellgence report also states that due to the ever-increasing need for electricity, the construction of thermal power plants is increasing across the globe. Thermal plant-generated electricity is a major source of energy across the globe due to its low cost of production, even in developed nations.

Market forecasts offered in this cooling towers sourcing and procurement report suggest an increase in industrialization in developing countries. Cooling towers are extensively used in industries for the cooling of any equipment or process that dissipates excessive heat. Consequently, the demand for cooling towers is heavily driven by the growth of the industrial and manufacturing sectors. In the past few years, the industrial and manufacturing sectors in many developing countries have grown rampantly due to low labor costs and increasing government efforts toward the development of industrial and manufacturing sectors in these countries.

Cooling Towers - Procurement Best Practices

This cooling towers procurement research report advises buyers to give high priority to water efficiency and water treatment chemical costs. Water efficiency directly impacts the operational cost of a cooling tower; therefore, it is imperative that water is regularly treated with chemicals to increase the effectiveness of the tower. However, it has been observed that in certain instances, suppliers are reluctant to recommend measures for increasing efficiency, as it would reduce the sales of chemicals. Therefore, buyers must ensure that suppliers understand the importance of water efficiency for them. Additionally, it has been observed that in some instances the savings on treatment chemicals can even exceed the savings on water costs. Moreover, an accurate estimate of the cost of treatment chemicals can help buyers to make better budgeting decisions and take measures to reduce their procurement costs with respect to chemicals.

Cooling Towers - Procurement Challenges

According to this market intelligence report, one of the key procurement challenges faced by buyers is the issues faced during installation and setup. Suppliers only manufacture the components of the cooling tower and leave the assembling and installation of components to subcontractors or buyers. Buyers' workforce may not have the required expertise to assemble and install the cooling tower in an ideal manner, which may lead to frequent breakdowns and replacements in the future. Additionally, in many cases, the tower needs to be installed uniquely to overcome various constraints of the project in terms of space and regulations. Subcontractors may also have limited knowledge in facilitating such unique demands; thus, leading to delays and cost overruns.


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Cooling towers are heat rejection devices typically used in industrial processes for cooling water. It works by bringing water and air in direct contact with each other, which results in the reduction of the temperature of the water that is circulated through the tower. This upcoming procurement research report, which is part of SpendEdge’s heavy industry category, would provide actionable insights on the pricing strategies, market drivers, procurement best practices, and the supply landscape for the global cooling towers market.

Category overview of the global cooling towers market

Based on the type of cooling towers, the market can be segmented into crossflow cooling towers, counter-flow cooling towers, induced draft cooling towers, and forced draft cooling towers. It can also be segmented based on design into natural and mechanical cooling towers.

Additionally, this report also considers the market segmentation based on construction materials such as:

  • Concrete
  • Steel
  • FRP

This upcoming procurement research on cooling towers would provide detailed analysis into the continuously evolving supplier landscape to help improve source-to-contract cycle performance. Moreover, it would help sourcing professionals develop enhanced category strategies, understand supplier and market challenges, boost savings, and implement sourcing best practices.

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  • TAKEAWAY 01 | Market Overview
  • TAKEAWAY 02 | Demand and Supply Snapshot
  • TAKEAWAY 03 | Key Market Dynamics
  • TAKEAWAY 04 | Supply Market Highlights
  • TAKEAWAY 05 | Pricing Insights
  • TAKEAWAY 06 | Procurement Insights


  • Category Definition
  • Research Methodology


  • Category Spend Analysis
  • Category Maturity by Regions
  • Demand-Supply Shifts
  • Regional Demand-Supply Snapshot
  • Market Developments
  • Regional Impact of Trends
  • Key Category Growth Drivers and Corresponding Regional Impacts
  • Major Category Growth Constraints and Corresponding Regional Impacts
  • Key Current Technological Innovations
  • Major Regulatory Frameworks
  • Strategic Sustainability Practices
  • Porter’s Five Forces
  • PESTLE Analysis


  • Supplier Operational Capability Matrix
  • Other Prominent Suppliers by Region: Operational Capability Matrix
  • Supplier Functional Capability Matrix
  • Other Prominent Suppliers by Region: Functional Capability Matrix
  • Key Clients/Partners
  • Supplier Cost Breakup
  • Supplier Positioning Matrix


  • Pricing Models Snapshot
  • Pricing Models – Pros and Cons
  • Indicative Pricing


  • Major Category Requirements
  • Major Procurement Pain Points
  • Category Sourcing Evolution Matrix
  • Procurement Best Practices
  • Cost-saving Opportunities
  • Supplier Selection Criteria
  • Category Negotiation Strategies
  • SLA Terms
  • Supplier Evaluation Criteria
  • Category Risk Analysis


  • SPX
  • BAC
  • Hamon
  • Paharpur


  • Glossary
  • Key Notes
  • About Us

Research Framework

SpendEdge presents a detailed picture of the market by way of study, synthesis, and summation of data from multiple sources. The analysts have presented the various facets of the market with a particular focus on identifying the key category influencers. The data thus presented is comprehensive, reliable, and the result of extensive research, both primary and secondary.


Primary research

  • Procurement heads
  • Category managers
  • Sourcing consortium professionals
  • Industry experts and thought leaders
  • Procurement managers
  • Category heads of suppliers
  • Client account heads/managers
  • Client and industry consultants

Secondary research

  • Industry journals and reports
  • Periodicals and new articles
  • Category webinars
  • Internal categiry playbooks
  • Industry and government websites on regulations and compliance
  • Internal databases
  • Industry blogs/thought leader briefings


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