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Auto Parts Manufacturer Leverages Supply Chain Management to Identify Optimal Warehouse Space

Category Overview

Today, warehouses have become a crucial aspect of the overall supply chain as they are points where the products are stored and distributed across the globe. According to our supply chain management specialists, it has been noted that the ongoing globalization and changes occurring in areas such as reverse logistics, information technology, environmental sustainability, and overall supply chain integration have resulted in the higher preference for warehousing services.

Consequently, to retain their foothold in the market, organizations across the globe have started evolving their roles, responsibilities and strategies for the warehouses. To streamline and maximize operations at strategically located facilities, organizations have started opting for supply chain management studies. Moreover, the supply chain management studies offered by SpendEdge, help auto parts manufacturers improve operations and transport links to plants and customers across the globe.

The Procurement Pain Point and Insights Offered

A leading auto parts manufacturing firm wanted to build a new warehouse space as they lacked sufficient warehouse space for operations. The new warehouse would help the auto parts manufacturing firm accommodate parts from other neighboring plants and supply them to their customers across the globe. They also wanted to set up a new warehouse space near their manufacturing facility, which could house parts from regional plants.request free proposal

To cater to the specific category requirements of the client, the supply chain management specialists at SpendEdge followed an in-depth two-step research methodology, which included primary and secondary research coupled with qualitative and quantitative data collection procedures to address the client’s issue. During the course of this supply chain management study, the client was able to choose a site with appropriate transport links and build a distribution center with a bigger storage capacity. Additionally, the supply chain management study helped the client improve their inbound, outbound, customs clearance processes.

Furthermore, SpendEdge’s supply chain management team also provided the auto parts manufacturing client with value-added services at the site, which included labeling and printing.

Key questions answered in this supply chain management study include

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Business Outcome

The supply chain management study helped the auto parts manufacturing client serve more customers across the globe with the help of a sufficiently equipped warehouse. Additionally, better transport links to plants and customers provided by SpendEdge helped them improve inbound, outbound and customs clearance certification processes. This resulted in the successful shipment of a higher number of auto parts annually.

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