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5 Major Benefits of Global Supply Chain Management | SpendEdge

Fierce market competition led by industrial developments, increased globalization of demand and supply sources, and new venture capitals are making global supply chain management imperative for businesses. The simple pursuit of market share is no longer sufficient to ensure profitability, and companies need to redefine their competitive space and profit zone to say a step ahead of the competition. Moreover, the shift in power from corporate buyers to end users, emergence of global consumer segments, time- and quality-based competition, and changing dynamics of the global market have created the need for establishing effective global supply chains.

At SpendEdge, we understand that globalization is compelling companies to move away from traditional cost-cutting methods and operate global supply chains to build better connections with customers and increase sales. Therefore, in this blog, we have highlighted a few key benefits of global supply chain management that companies should look to achieve.

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Benefits of global supply chain management

Customer satisfaction

To win customer allegiance, companies need to have a supply chain that can deliver what customers want on time. Global supply chain management and close supplier relationships empower companies to leave room for special orders in times of high demand. Also, it reduces the amount of stock that needs to be retained in the inventory and save costs for companies.

Broader perspective

This is one of the most interesting benefit of global supply chain management. A global supply chain widens the scope of learning for people willing to learn new business processes. It broadens the horizons of learning and gives ideas to solve problems through innovative ways as business is done differently in different parts of the world.

24/7 availability  

Since different countries have different time zones, the work never stops. There are always people working to meet the supply chain requirements on different continents and at different times. This is one of the major advantages of global supply chain management for companies.

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Sourcing opportunities 

A global market offers opportunities to select higher-quality or lower-cost options of goods and services. It offers businesses the opportunity to choose the best suppliers, materials, and products at good prices. It not only ensures economic viability for businesses but also lets them meet a high standard of quality.

New markets

Apart from identifying better sourcing opportunities, global supply chain management offers companies the opportunity to expand their business to new locations. Companies just need to ‘up their game’ and plan their resources strategically to open up businesses in different countries. This will help them to expand sales globally and provide access to a bigger pool of customers.

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