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Procurement Market Intelligence: Streamlining Procurement Process and Achieving Savings of $19 Million for a Healthcare Products Manufacturer

Recent changes in the Canadian healthcare sector has set the stage for new opportunities for revenue generation. However, recent changes have created the need for companies to improve their procurement process flow and address problems in healthcare procurement.

The Business Problem

The client is a leading manufacturer of healthcare products in Canada and generates an annual revenue of over $70 million. However, the country’s complicated procurement system, coupled with numerous jurisdictions, each with its own legislative framework, was creating a complex healthcare ecosystem. The client was also sourcing products from multiple suppliers and receiving multiple deliveries and invoices, which was leading to excess spend. This compelled the client to map the procurement process flow and leverage SpendEdge’s procurement market intelligence solution to gain detailed insights into the commodity categories and meet regulatory requirements.

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Solutions Offered and Client Journey

To help the client correctly map their procurement process flow, the experts at SpendEdge identified gaps within their process and consolidated the requirements of all departments within the organization. They also gained visibility into the spend areas and specialty categories to help the client identify cost-saving opportunities.

Insights obtained from SpendEdge’s solution helped the client to track and manage information on supplies, labor, and other expenses. This helped them to identify related goods that can be purchased from fewer suppliers, leveraging larger spend to negotiate better pricing. Also, evaluating suppliers on the basis of the quality of service, warranty, and customer service helped the client to improve the procurement process flow. The solution delivered enabled the client to benchmark pricing and ensure procurement costs were in line with the average market prices.

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Key Findings and Outcome

Achieved significant savings

The improved procurement process flow ensured that the single purchase order and shortlisted vendors could meet the needs of the entire company. This reduced the time taken by the client to process the requests. The solution provided further helped the client to develop a good working relationship with the suppliers and negotiate the best deals. This minimized the time spent on low-value items and helped the client to achieve savings of over $19 million. 

Maintained regulatory compliance

The experts at SpendEdge realized that the government policies and regulations seek to strengthen healthcare security and safety at a macro level. Therefore, they identified laws and regulations that must be followed by the client to sustain themselves in the healthcare market. They focused on compliance, ethics, and risks to drive awareness throughout the enterprise and improved compliance. For detailed insights into the solution offered, request for more information.

What are the Best Practices in Procurement Process?

Since the efficiency of the procurement process can decide the success for businesses, it becomes imperative for companies to follow procurement process steps and map the procurement process flow. Here are a few procurement best practices that companies can follow:

Automate data gathering process: Conducting research on suppliers can be a time-consuming process. By automating this process, companies can ensure the availability of information without spending a lot of time and effort.

Involve in strategic sourcing: The best-in-class organizations obtain feedback and information regarding their objectives and strategies from different functions. This helps them to ensure availability of supplies, reduce the total cost, and streamline the procurement process.

Make continuous improvements: It is advisable for companies to never assume that the procurement process flow is perfect. Make continuous improvements to tap new opportunities and gain greater efficiency.

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How Following Procurement Best Practices Helped an Automotive Company to Reduce Sourcing Costs by 11% – A SpendEdge’s Success Story

The Business Challenge

The client, a well-established automobile manufacturing company in the US, was facing a number of challenges due to drastic shifts in the global supply chain. Since they were looking to expand their business to new and emerging markets, they wanted more information on the procurement best practices. Developing a suitable business model was a key challenge for the automotive company since these markets were posing challenges related to global trade and finished vehicles logistics fulfillment. This was increasing the need to reduce production costs and excess spend. Their primary aim was to outperform competitors, both in home and emerging markets, by reducing operational costs, increasing efficiency, and following the best practices to meet the regulations of the emerging markets.

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Solutions Offered

To address the needs of the client, the experts at SpendEdge identified the procurement best practices for the target region and tailored a plan that would allow them to procure raw materials at the lowest possible price. The analysts at SpendEdge followed a scrupulous research methodology that comprised of primary and secondary research coupled with qualitative and quantitative data collection procedures.

In a span of eight weeks, the automotive manufacturing company was able to successfully lower their sourcing and procurement costs by 11%. Our expertise in analyzing the procurement trends and regulations of international supplier markets further helped the automotive company to improve their relationship with key suppliers and minimize procurement risks. By following the suggested procurement best practices, they were finally able to maintain a healthy relationship with suppliers. The engagement also emphasized on the importance of selecting the right supplier, especially when it comes to ensuring the highest quality, flexibility, and cost efficiency of their supplier networks.

Key Findings

By adhering to the suggested procurement best practices, the client was able to enhance their procurement system and synchronize supply management with demand across business processes. They were also able to evolve from a fixed-cost-driven supply network to a variable-cost-driven value network and streamline information flow from the department level to a global scale. This reduced costs for the automotive company by 11.2%.

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What are the Basic Principles of Procurement Best Practices?

Procurement has become a fundamental enabler of business strategy and a preferred method for achieving sustainable cost reduction for many business entities. It is considered to be the most viable option for process simplification with technology enablement. Therefore, businesses should adopt procurement best practices to realize the full potential of their sourcing process.

While following procurement best practices, the team should strike the right balance between short-term savings opportunities and longer-term transformational opportunities. This provides good traction, better substantial benefits, and supply management for companies. Here are a few procurement best practices that companies should follow:

  • Devise a spend map
  • Engage with a wider organization to reduce costs
  • Ensure supply management and contract management
  • Connect commercial and technical capabilities


Procurement Best Practices That Will Help Businesses Stay Competitive In 2019

Doing what you’ve always done is no longer acceptable in business. There are always a set of best practices that can be employed to maintain business excellence and improve productivity. The same is applicable for a companies’ procurement process as well. Companies need to follow procurement best practices to increase their revenues by being cost-effective.

Many government and commercial organizations have started recognizing procurement as a fundamental enabler of business strategy. It is a viable source of opportunity for process simplification and also provides detailed insights into operations through data and information. Therefore, organizations should focus on enforcing procurement best practices benchmarks that can enable them to realize the full potential that procurement can deliver.

At SpendEdge, we understand the impact that a procurement process can have on business. Therefore, in this blog, we have listed out procurement best practices that will ensure supply chain excellence for companies.

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Procurement best practices adopted by companies


Digital procurement strategy is not just limited to creating an online shopping cart or optimizing the website. It incorporates data from numerous sources such as sensors in warehouses and social media and enables companies to create an approach that can address the needs of the audience. Therefore, businesses should adopt digital procurement solutions and strategies and try to reduce waste and unneeded inventory costs. This is one of the procurement best practices that companies can follow  and increase their process efficiencies.

Centralized supply management

A centralized supply management system enables companies to make purchasing and sourcing decisions based on the information and data received from the various departments and experts in an organization. This helps companies to mitigate risks associated with unmanaged direct spend and is considered as one of the procurement best practices by experts. Moreover, such procurement practices ensure the prevention of unnecessary spending with unapproved suppliers.

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Improve total cost of ownership

Strategic sourcing empowers companies to not just examine the purchase price, but also examine the total cost of owning or consuming a product or service. Even best-in-class companies have stopped selecting suppliers merely on the basis of price. They analyze the complete procurement process and then implement procurement best practices that can reduce the total cost of ownership.

Strengthen supplier relationship

Companies today are focusing on “supplier relationship management.” They are adopting various alliance management programs that can provide them a mechanism to strengthen their relationship with suppliers. They are even creating platforms for problem resolution and developing continuous improvement goals to achieve value for both parties.

Optimize inventory

Optimizing inventory becomes extremely crucial for companies during the economic downturn. Putting inventory on the radar help financial officers to find new ways to improve the bottom line and reduce working capital. Therefore, supply chain organizations are advised to review their inventory quantities and adopt procurement best practices.

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