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Top Suppliers in the Biopolymers Market

The polymers produced by living organisms are said to be biopolymers or polymeric biomolecules. These polymers are biodegradable. The increasing demand for biopolymers and biodegradable packaging is leading to the rapid growth of the biopolymers market globally. High demand for eco-friendly packaging and strict regulations by the government regarding the use of plastic have also resulted in the shift of focus towards manufacturing biopolymers. The raw materials used in the manufacture of biodegradable polymers are renewable and abundantly available throughout the world. This drives the supply of such polymers in the biopolymers market in different categories. Biopolymers witness maximum demand from the food packaging industry, where the packaging of dry snacks, juice bottles, fresh food, and bakery products use biodegradable polymers.  The biopolymers market is also growing due to the demand from the supportive policies and regulations of governments, especially in Europe and North America. Request a free sample for insights.

Suppliers in Biopolymers Market

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BASF is one of the leading chemical companies and is one of the oldest suppliers in the global biopolymers market. It was founded in the year 1865 and is headquartered in Germany. BASF works in five segments namely chemicals, functional materials & solutions, performance products, oil & gas and agricultural solutions. It has its presence in almost 80 countries and has more than one lakh employees working for them. BASF has its focus on economic success with environmental protection, social responsibility, and sustainable future.

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