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Global Inductors Market – A Comprehensive Supply Market Overview

Over the past couple of years, the global inductors market has experienced a steady increase in prices owing to the rise in costs of key input elements such as electrodes, dielectrics, and additives. The growth of the inductors market can be attributed to factors such as increasing number of product launches and developments in the consumer electronics sector, adoption of smart grids, demand for passive electronic components, and use of inductors in automotive electronics. Furthermore, the strong growth of major end-user industries such as telecommunications, healthcare, industrial, military and defense, consumer electronics, automotive, and power transmission and distribution are expected to drive the global inductors market. (Source: Global Inductors Market Procurement Report)

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In APAC, the market is driven by the use of inductors in filters, sensors, transformers, motors, energy storage, and audio networks. In terms of countries, the major demand comes from China, India, Taiwan, and South Korea among others due to the robust growth in office automation, automotive, telecommunication, and consumer electronics sectors. Transmission and distribution, and defense are the other end-user industries of inductors in the region. The market in Europe is expected to grow significantly during the forecast period due to the increased use of inductors in smartphones, refrigerators, televisions, and cell phones. The major contributors to the market are Germany, the UK, France, and Italy. Furthermore, APAC is expected to register the highest growth among the global inductor market (in terms of absolute figures) during the forecast period compared with other regions due to the rising manufacturing industries, especially in Japan and India.

Pricing model

Over the past couple of years, the inductors market has experienced a steady increase in prices owing to the rise in costs of key input elements such as electrodes, dielectrics, and additives. Inductors are sold at a fixed price irrespective of the quantity bought. Prices offered by suppliers depend on the number of items purchased.

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Managing raw material price volatility and negotiating on pricing and contractual terms are two of the most effective cost-saving levers in the inductors market. Moreover, consolidating spend, rationalization of the supply base, and optimizing consumption and wastage will increase their process efficiencies, reduce overall costs, achieve increased economies of scale, and transfer these savings to buyers.

Market innovation

In 2018, a leading supplier in the inductors market launched compact and high-current 0806 size metal alloy inductors for automotive applications due to its increased demand. These inductors are suitable for use in information electronics in automotive applications that demand higher reliability. The information electronics include automotive information equipment such as infotainment systems. Suppliers in the inductors market are also evaluating capabilities that enable designers to improve efficiency and potentially reduce the size of DC/DC converter circuitry.

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