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Top 5 Countdown – The Best of MRO Supplies and Services Vendors

Any company’s job is not all done after the purchase of an equipment, plant, machinery, or such assets. In fact, it’s a whole new challenge to keep such assets up and running. This is where the importance of MRO supplies gets highlighted. The field of maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) is vast and comprises of multiple products and services. Technically, MRO services include functional checks, repairs, servicing, replacement, residential installations, supporting utilities in industrial installations, infrastructure building, and machinery building. In some domains like aircraft management, MRO services also include the supply of spare parts, raw materials, accessories, adhesives, sealants, consumables, and coatings for aircraft maintenance at the utilization SE_Demo2stage. So, who are the top suppliers of such MRO products and services?

Top MRO supplies and services providers


Sonepar is an independent family-owned company and a global leader in the B2B distribution of electrical products and related services. Founded in 1969 by Henri Coisne, Sonepar operates through 345 entities spread across 2,800 branches globally. The company saw an increment in revenues for the year 2016 by earning 20.6 billion Euros, which can be attributed to the growing applications for electrical equipment, need for new services, and rapidly changing product technologies. Wiring devices, HVAC, distribution transformers, home automation, industrial automation, and VDI and some of the key product and services offered by this MRO supplies and service provider.

Top MRO Supplies and Services ProviderFerguson plc

Ferguson plc formerly known as Wolseley is the world’s largest distributor of plumbing and heating products. The MRO service provider has a broad customer base that comprises 60,000 suppliers and 1.1 million consumers worldwide. The company sells its product under a different brand name including Center, Raptor, Jet Range, Center Rad, and Nabis. The company has operational units spread across the US, Canada, the Nordic region, Central Europe, the UK, and France. Ferguson plc offers a wide range of MRO supplies including boilers, radiators, pipe systems, drainage systems, cooling systems, and commercial plumbing.


Rexel is a French group founded in 1967 and is a global distributor specializing in products and services to the energy sector. The company distributes MRO supplies and services in the areas of technical supply, automation, and energy management. This MRO services provider offers its products to commercial, industrial, and residential sector with the majority of its revenue incoming from the commercial sector. Their MRO supplies include lighting, climate control, security, photovoltaics, EVs, and home automation products and solutions. The company boasts over one million products in its portfolio with operations spread across 2,100 branches globally.

Wurth Group

The Wurth Group is considered a leading vendor and a worldwide wholesaler of dowels, fasteners, screws and screw accessories, tools, machines, and installation materials. With a global customer base of over three million people, the company offers more than 125,000 products. The company provides a diverse range of products and services including chemical and technical products for maintenance, servicing and bodywork, tools for pneumatic and electric machines, rapid assembly systems, and fastening materials and sealing technology.

W. W. Grainger

W.W. Grainger is one of the Fortune 500 industrial supply company and also the oldest provider of MRO supplies. The company serves over three million customers through a network of 598 branches and 33 distribution centers. Their MRO services portfolio includes safety, facility, energy, lighting, mid-stream utility, and after-hours emergency services. In the US alone, the company boasts an impressive portfolio of over one million products serving over 7,000 brands.

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Effective Tail Spend Management – Cost Saving Opportunities in the Pharmaceutical Industry

SpendEdge’s latest tail-spend assessment helps a pharmaceutical company achieve about 26% savings in few categories and about 57% reduction in the supplier base.

Addressing tail-spend

Optimizing resources and exploring cost reduction opportunities are the two biggest challenges faced by various organizations in the global market. By implementing different effective tail spend strategies, a company can save millions on overhead costs. The organizations in the pharmaceutical sectors are increasing their focus on improving the visibility of low-value spend and identifying new areas of process improvement and automation. Such efforts to optimize business operations will result in sustained savings and informed purchasing decisions. Additionally, increasing supply chain visibility in business processes such as sourcing, procurement, and category management will boost the profitability. The tail spend analysis engagement by SpendEdge helps pharmaceutical companies to optimize their supplier base and improve process efficiencies. The engagement develops an exhaustive assessment of the maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) category and streamlines their sourcing process. The tail spend analysis team gathers data from client’s ERP system and analyzes the category spend and identifies cost saving opportunities.

The implementation of online and punch-out catalogs, p-cards, and improved compliance reporting will result in a tail-spend reduction. Automation in procurement and sourcing is the smartest way of controlling the tail-spend in any organization. The introduction of data analytics tools, e-procurement systems, and innovative cataloging systems will result in optimized supply chain and improve tail-spend management.

Mobile applications in MRO

Companies are installing mobile application for planning and execution of MRO tasks. These applications are designed to enhance the productivity of MRO tasks and boost customer satisfaction levels. Mobile applications provide access to real-time data on stocks, which allows vendors to evaluate stock availability and effectively manage inventories. Some of the apps available in the market provide real-time data on stocks, workflow approvals, location-based product lists, and on-the-go customer service.

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Linking different business process

Taking a grip over the tail-spend requires linking of all major business processes such as sourcing, supply management, and contract management workflows. Strategic planning and development of all processes will result in a robust spend visibility program and help identify growth prospects. Furthermore, adoption of advanced tools such as eRFX and eAuctions will offer efficient workflow and fast turnaround systems.

What solutions SpendEdge offer to businesses

The team of procurement experts at SpendEdge provide a supply market intelligence study that offers spend analysis assignments, recommendations, and process improvement guidelines. Some of the solutions offered are listed as follows:

  • Design a customized tail spend analytics framework and carry out a detailed analysis of the spend data for various categories and sub-categories
  • Develop comprehensive reports that cover the major aspects including supplier base optimization opportunities, demand aggregation opportunities, and opportunities for maverick spend reduction
  • Identify the risks due to the absence of long-term contracts and inappropriate sourcing practices
  • Offer suggestions such as gaining a supplier specific report from the data management team and updating the buying team with more info regarding the supplier
  • Recommend the client to consider bulk purchases and discounts
  • Perform an internal vendor satisfaction and rationalization survey, and sign long-term contracts and target rates

Read our complete case study titled – SpendEdge’s Tail-spend Assessment Helps a Leading Pharmaceutical Company Identify Opportunities to Save Millions

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Supply Market Intelligence – Understanding the MRO Suppliers Landscape in the Oil and Gas Industry

The latest procurement market intelligence study by SpendEdge on the assessment of supply market provides comprehensive insights on the competitive landscape and develops effective supply strategies for a leading oil and gas company.

Insights on the MRO market

Maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) services ensure efficient functioning of manufacturing and operations facilities in various production plants. The rising demand for processed fuels and increasing offshore drilling activities is boosting the requirement for MRO services in the oil and gas industry. With new players entering the market, companies are focusing on improving their services and product portfolio to remain competitive. Gaining information on supplier’s operational and functional capabilities, service footprint or capabilities, presence across various geographies, and their key clients will help companies to choose the correct supplier. The supply market intelligence solutions offered by SpendEdge helps design effective supplier strategy for clients by presenting a comprehensive picture of the major players in the industry. Additionally, these business solutions offer real-time insights into the MRO services for upstream companies and a comprehensive assessment of all the shortlisted suppliers.

The adopting of integrated engagement is gaining immense popularity in the MRO services market as this approach helps companies to bundle and source spares and maintenance-related services. This method also improves the efficacy of processes such as stock inventory management, storeroom management, and maintenance of contracted categories or products. A stable MRO framework will ensure proper cash flow and larger profit margins for business enterprises.

Consolidation and bundling of services

With the increasing focus on cost saving and cost effectiveness, companies are looking for bundles or consolidated MRO services. Mergers and acquisitions and bundling MRO tail-spend will help companies effectively manage expenditure and reduce operational costs of end-products. Understanding the supplier landscape will help companies identify short and long-term growth opportunities in the global market.

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Leveraging technology to stay competitive

E-commerce, web-based software solutions and use of mobile applications are few of the most widely used innovative technology that MRO suppliers are offering to their consumers. The increasing intensity of competition in the market is encouraging vendors to implement innovative technologies to offer efficient services. Technology enables services providers to offer real-time data on stocks, workflow approvals, location-based product lists, and on-the-go customer service. Additionally, these new tools will help companies reduce the overhead costs significantly.

What solutions SpendEdge offer to businesses

The team of procurement experts at SpendEdge provide a supply market intelligence study that tackles the requirements specific to the needs of the global leader of products and services in the oil and gas industry. Some of the solutions offered by the team are:

  • Conduct similar supply market intelligence assessments for the oil and gas industry
  • Develop category-specific insights, which used a blended approach of analyzing information assimilated through interviews and discussions with market experts and from consultants, annual reports, and databases
  • Provide understanding of the market for MRO services for upstream service companies
  • Offer detailed information on various factors including the market size, major trends, and challenges
  • Help the client understand the buyer’s requirements and challenges, technological innovations, and the prevalent engagement model
  • Identify the top suppliers in the industry and analyze their geographical presence, major customers, their service capabilities, and financials

Read our complete case study titled – Assessment of the Supply Market for a Leading Multinational Corporation in the Oil and Gas Industry

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