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Top Five Vendors in the PLC Market

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) has been extensively used in the manufacturing industry to automate the manufacturing processes, including making logical decisions in the assembly line, controlling robotic devices, and diagnosing process faults. The recent increase in industrial automation and advent of Industry 4.0 have bolstered the demand for PLCs. The suppliers in the PLC market are looking for innovation including compact PLCs and increased I/O capacity of PLCs that enhances the functionality of devices.

Top 5 PLC Vendors

#1 Siemens AG

Siemens AG is a German conglomerate company diversifying operations across the industry, energy, healthcare, and infrastructure & cities divisions. However, their industrial automation division is the largest and the most profitable division. In 2016, Siemens reported an annual revenue of US$ 88.09 billion. It serves an esteemed client base that includes Volkswagen, Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd., Novation, arequest proposalnd DONG Energy A/S.

#2 Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation Inc is one of the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation. The company has brands like Allen-Bradley and Rockwell Software, and product portfolio including Rockwell Automation covers control systems, motor control devices, industrial control components, information software, network technology, sensing devices, safety technology, and industrial security.

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5 Vendors Transforming the Predictive Analytics Market

Today, data is everywhere, as every activity from picking up an item from a retail shelf to launching rockets into space generates data. The beauty lies not in the process of data generation but to gather such data, look for patterns and anomalies, and predict the future. Predictive analytics tools have advanced to such a level that it can easily outperform humans in accurately predicting and forecasting the future. Predictive analytics is a vital tool for business managers as the predictions help the managers to be well-prepared for future events. Predictive analytics along with automation opens up endless possibilities to exponentially increase business productivity. Vendors in this market have been harnessing the power of predictive analytics to help companies with customer intelligence, financial intelligence, decision support system, data mining, and fraud and security intelligence.

Request Free SampleHere are the most prominent vendors in the predictive analytics market:


SAP is a market leader in enterprise application software space, creating a revolution in modern-day business and technology. The company headquartered in Walldorf, Baden-Württemberg, has over 335,000 customers, generating revenues over US$24 billion. Mercedes, Aviva, and Vodafone are amongst the key clientele of SAP SE. SAP predictive analytics provides functional capabilities ranging from automated analytics, model management, data manager, predictive scoring, social and recommendation, and advanced visualization.

SAS Institute

SAS Institute is the world’s largest privately held software business, providing solutions to most of the Fortune 500 companies. The American multinational developer of analytics software excels in legacy system integration, machine learning techniques, and model monitoring. SAS Institute provides its services to clients such as The Royal Bank of Scotland, Aegon N.V., and BGF Industries. The company uses data, statistical algorithms and machine learning techniques to predict future outcome based on historical data.

IBM Corp.

The technology giant IBM has made a tremendous leap from hardware-based to a software-based company. In 2016, IBM’s AlphaGo achieved a remarkable feat by beating world champion Lee Sedol in Go, one of the most complex board games in human history. With over 105 years of industry experience, IBM has been serving clients like Metro Bank, DVB Bank, and NorthStar Anesthesia P.A. The company offers services in predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics, and machine learning with products such as IBM SPSS Statistics, IBM SPSS Modeler, Amos, and Predictive Analytics Enterprise.

Tableau Software Inc.

Tableau Software is an American company which produces interactive data visualization products focused on business intelligence. The company has been showered with many accolades and awards for excelling in providing data visualization solutions. LinkedIn, VISA, Skyscanner Ltd, and many other companies use the data visualization tools from Tableau Software. The software provides wide range of analytical tools including cohort analysis, what-if analsis, R integration, and sophisticated calculations.

Fair Isaac Corporation

Fair Isaac Corporation or FICO, is a data analytics company based in San Jose, California, that pioneered the FICO score, a measure of consumer credit risk. A majority of the lenders use FICO score to determine credit risk based on information kept by credit bureau on individuals. With over 60 years of experience in the industry, it boasts a strong client base of Southwest Airlines, Toyota, and Cabot Credit Management. It helps sharpen predictive modeling precision with products such as CECL Impairment Management, Model Management, Centralized Decision Service, and Optimization in Manufacturing.

Read more about top vendors in the predictive analytics market along with supply market landscape, advanced analytics, machine learning, procurement market intelligence, pricing strategies, cost modeling, and procurement insights in SpendEdge’s upcoming procurement report on the predictive analytics market.

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Preview of Global Predictive Analytics Market – Procurement Market Research Report

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Innovative Outbound Telemarketing Practices to Boost Sales in the Automotive Industry

SpendEdge’s latest supply market intelligence on outbound telemarketing helps companies in the automotive sector identify and find the right supplier and procurement partner that will optimize their productivity and reduce the roadblocks.

Demand trends for outbound telemarketing

Phone calls to potential customers to buy products and services is a direct marketing technique called outbound telemarketing. Leading service providers in the market are providing multi-channel services such as digital marketing and face-to-face trade marketing with telemarketing services. Outbound telemarketing services comprise of telesales, lead generation, and up-selling and cross-selling activities. Suppliers are adopting telephone, e-mail, and SMS services that provide higher conversion rates and increases productivity. Additionally, service providers are leveraging technology to help enhance agent productivity, offer value-added services such as database scrubbing, and post-call analytics. Outbound telemarketing in the automotive industry helps manufacturers boost their sales revenue and offer aftermarket services to customers. These services help suppliers increase the customer satisfaction and result in higher retention rates. The supply market intelligence study by SpendEdge helps companies in the automotive sector to enhance their procurement practices. The study also assesses suppliers, identifies cost-saving opportunities, and improves category management.

The integration of omnichannel marketing and outbound telemarketing will help manufacturers in the automotive industry to increase the response rates and boost customer loyalty. These strategies are designed to have multiple touch points that result in better customer engagement. Telemarketing is an effective tool used as a follow-up method for posts on the different social media platforms and SMS services used by the suppliers. This integration effectively augments the productivity among the selling agents and helps them analyze the customer buying pattern.

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Big data analytics for call monitoring

The adoption of call data analytics and historical trend analysis are conducted to improve the productivity of the campaign and increase the sale per contract. Big data analytics aims to reduce the cost associated with each sale and improve the productivity of the agents. Analyzing the call patterns and conducting market research reports on call history helps the sale force to gain insights into the time that is ideal to contact prospective leads. Furthermore, the companies are leveraging new technology such as automation that boosts the efficiency, accuracy, flexibility, and intellect of the agents.

Solutions SpendEdge offer to businesses

SpendEdge’s supply market intelligence study provides automotive companies a clear perspective of the supply market for outbound telemarketing services and analyzes the future growth prospect. The solutions offered includes:

  • Provide a detailed overview of the latest trends in sourcing and procurement, supply market, pricing models, and cost-saving opportunities
  • Offer a breakdown of the cost-optimization levers, price negotiation strategies, strategic sustainability practices, and sourcing and procurement best practices
  • Provide an understanding of the supply market landscape by identifying the different areas of improvement in terms of output, process, and automation
  • Design strategies for price negotiation, indicative pricing, cost-saving opportunities, and category risk analysis
  • Deliver insights into the supplier cost breakup and suppliers’ performance evaluation criteria

Read our complete case study titled – Supply Market Intelligence Study Helps a Leading Automotive Company


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Assessing the Supply Market for Pertinent Contracted Workforce for Manufacturing Companies

SpendEdge’s latest supply market intelligence on contractual temporary workforce helps manufacturing companies identify the top suppliers in terms of contract terms and agreements, service offerings, and revenue.

Temporary/contractual employment trends

The increasing requirement for skilled employees across industries is boosting the demand for temporary or contractual employment. The demand for temporary staff is usually attributed to the need for specific tasks or during specific periods and provides an opportunity to test new employees before hiring them permanently. Technological innovations such as applicant tracking system (ATS) and customer relationship management systems (CRM) tools are enabling organizations access to larger talent pools and results in a quick hiring process. Companies are also leveraging technological innovations to maintain a database of job applicants and use it to source candidates when the requirement is high or time sensitive. The supply market intelligence study by SpendEdge on temporary or contractual employment provides a comprehensive knowledge of the several aspects of supply market such as price negotiation strategies, supplier types, and performance evaluation criteria. The study also helps companies assess the supply market for contracted workforce and identify potential growth opportunities in both domestic and international markets.

In 2015, the industrial sector employed around 35% of the total temporary and contract employees in the market. The phenomenal growth of the industrial and manufacturing sector is creating immense employment opportunities for economically backward communities. This sector offers flexible and dynamic workspace and ensures higher mobility of the temporary employees. The growing need for skilled-based labor is driving the demand for temporary employees in this industry.

Developing centralized procurement solutions

The widening skill gap is encouraging organizations to implement centralized procurement solutions to adapt to the dynamic trends in the staffing market.  The introduction of these solutions will help companies to optimize their supply management operations and result in procurement transformation. These systems are designed to evaluate the metrics of the procurement business processes, current procurement talent management practices, performance metrics, and tools. Centralized procurement solutions help improve the talent management operations and ensure strategic sourcing processes.

Solutions SpendEdge offer to businesses

SpendEdge’s supply market intelligence on temporary or contractual employment helps manufacturing companies assess the supply market dynamics, price negotiation strategies, market trends, and key supplier engagement models. The solutions offered are listed below:

  • Offer comprehensive information on suppliers’ service offerings and cost structure, factors influencing contract terms, pricing, and service level agreements
  • Help shortlist the best-suited contracted workforce suppliers in the market
  • Provide a detailed overview on how to reduce the overall category spend, benchmark the pricing standards, and effectively identify the top suppliers
  • Deliver insights into the supplier cost breakup and suppliers’ performance evaluation criteria
  • Design and develop strategies to improve the sourcing and procurement process

Read our complete case study titled – SpendEdge’s Supply Market Intelligence Helps a Leading Manufacturing Company


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Artificial Intelligence and Automation-based Sourcing and Procurement to Revolutionize the Food and Beverage Industry

The latest supply market intelligence study by SpendEdge on sourcing and procurement offers a detailed understanding of the supplier selection, supplier relationship management, and evaluation of potential suppliers in the food and beverage industry.

Is e-procurement the new way?

The suppliers in the food and beverage industry are focusing on developing effective strategies to implement successful sourcing processes, build stronger vendor relations, and identify price negotiation opportunities. The stringent food safety regulations and the rise in commodity prices are encouraging the suppliers to optimize their supply chains to maintain their profit margins. Adoption of intelligence sourcing and process efficiencies, building robust supplier and contractor relationships, and implementing e-procurement solutions will boost the visibility of the supply chains. E-procurement solutions initiate automation in the business process, improves workflow, allows the implementation of new functionality such as online bidding and electronic POs and enhances connectivity with external supply chains. The suppliers are also focusing on developing mobile technology and cloud-based solutions to improve the supply chain management and reduce the operational costs.

SpendEdge’s latest supply market intelligence study helps companies streamline their sourcing and procurement processes that decrease the overall category spend and secure the company’s future commercial success. The organizations are investing in solutions that measures, manages, and analyzes the supply chain workflow to identify the defects on real-time and help increase the sales revenue. Moreover, the solutions are aimed to increase the visibility, optimize the functionality, enhance demand management, distribution planning, and production scheduling. By creating a strong supply chain, vendors can increase their profitability and expand their businesses to new emerging markets.

Artificial intelligence and automation

The introduction of cloud-based technologies and ERP systems are paving the way for AI and automation for effectively managing and maintenance of procurement and sourcing processes. The use of these advanced technologies is helping suppliers boost their connectivity and interactions with customers and end-users. By leveraging AI-based solutions, vendors can understand the consumer buying behavior and develop their production processes.

Increase in outsourcing activities

The outsourcing of certain parts of the supply chain is helping vendors to focus on core functionalities to develop a robust and functional workflow. Product designing, manufacturing and distributing, and information management systems are some of the few activities that are outsourced to emerging nations such as China and India that offer economic benefit to the companies. These solutions will help suppliers implement control mechanisms that will enable seamless connectivity with all points in the supply chain.

Solutions SpendEdge offer to businesses

The supply market intelligence study by SpendEdge on procurement and sourcing in the food and beverage industry analyzes internal and external databases to offer effective solutions to improve the sourcing and procurement processes. The solutions offered are listed below:

  • Analyze the latest market trends, category cost drivers, supply market, and value chain
  • Offer actionable insights into the supply market across the Americas, APAC, and EMEA regions
  • Deliver effective strategies for cost reduction and price negotiation
  • Identify the top suppliers of sugar in the target regions and analyze their contractual terms
  • Provide a better understanding of the performance evaluation criteria and solution for a better supplier relationship management

Read our complete case study titled – Supply Market Intelligence Solution Helps a Leading Food and Beverage Company


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