Procurement Market Intelligence Solutions to Support Better Decision Making

Over the past decade, procurement organizations have emerged as a key driving factor for businesses to grow. SpendEdge offers complete suite of sourcing and procurement market intelligence solutions aimed at helping procurement decision makers gain actionable insights for better decision making.

We provide our clients with best-in-class market intelligence solutions to drive sourcing and procurement excellence. As a pioneer in sourcing and procurement market intelligence services, we have developed unique approaches and offer a wide portfolio of solutions ranging from category market intelligence, supplier assessment, procurement best practices benchmarking, cost breakdown analysis, price forecasting, risk monitoring etc. We deliver both ready-to-use reports based on standardized content structure, as well as customized market intelligence solutions to meet the speed and granularity of research needs of category managers.

Our cutting-edge solutions for category management support helps procurement professionals with seamless support for processes including identification and qualification of best-fit suppliers, RFX event support, negotiation support, supplier relationship management, tail spend assessment and supplier health assessment.

What Differentiates SpendEdge’s Procurement Market Intelligence Solutions

  • Our customized procurement market intelligence reports are tailor made to meet the exact requirements of our clients and help them gain 100% answers to their questions
  • We offer well-crafted sourcing and procurement market intelligence solutions to help our clients gain visibility into the future
  • Extensive category coverage – providing market, supplier, and pricing insights specific to 250+ direct and indirect spend categories.
  • Vast geographic coverage – we are capable of conducting research in over 80 countries in 20+ languages
  • Top-notch research methodology for deriving actionable procurement insights
  • Right blend of subscription services providing access to ready-to-use reports and customization options to match the speed and granularity of information needs
  • Portal based delivery mechanism to ensure 24*7 access to reports and enabling advanced team collaboration capabilities

Services we Offer

We offer customized reports as well as subscription to ready-to-use market intelligence reports to help sourcing and procurement stakeholders make informed decisions and leverage cost-saving opportunities. We also help enterprises reduce the time spent on analysis and curating information so that more time can be devoted to strategic sourcing and add value to their existing business models.

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We’ve worked with

Several Fortune 500 companies & industry leaders from across the globe to
deliver complex and strategic market intelligence solutions.

We gain access to all latest industry news, supplier updates and innovation landscape too, in addition to the research reports. Our category managers used to go through large set of information sources to track these news items. With the hep of SpendEdge tool, we gain direct access to news articles that are only relevant to the procurement landscape, hence saving us a lot of time.

SpendEdge portal provides us immediate access to information on more than 50 categories. The most attractive feature being Analyst Support. We could ask any question through the portal and have received immediate responses from SpendEdge analysts. This helps us save a lot of time and effort.

Pricing Insights section is something that our team loves the most. We have always faced challenges in understanding the pricing models, price points and negotiation levers. All these are covered as a part of SpendEdge reports and helps us gain quick insights.

The SpendEdge reports are very well structured and help us gain quick insights into leading suppliers, pricing models and negotiation strategies. Our team always wanted quick access to such insights, and now is made possible with subscription to the SpendEdge platform

I am really satisfied with their level of understanding of what our needs are and how the results are sharply focused on such without wasting time on peripheral subjects.

SpendEdge has been thinking along with us from the start, enhancing the way we structured the process and the expectations

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