Supply Chain Mapping

Ensure that your supply chain mapping process is aligned with strategic objectives to identify lucrative opportunities while mitigating risk.

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How your business benefits

Enhance supply chain visibility and transparency

  • Get a 360-degree view of the supply chain process
  • Improve your knowledge of supply origins and associated bottlenecks
  • Determine supplier responsibilities in accordance with comprehensive supply chain insights

Proactively identify risk to improve risk management

  • Study and classify risk factors based on impact and probability
  • Frame appropriate strategies to tackle potential risks well before they impact operations

Improve regulatory compliance

  • Know the regulatory risks of suppliers like the back of your hand
  • Evaluate supplier practices with regards to ESG and other sensitive social factors
  • Lay a strong foundation for full compliance across the supply chain

Embrace responsible and ethical sourcing for the win

  • Protect and boost your reputation by learning about socially conscious practices
  • Gain an advantage over peers by attracting investors based on sustainability achievements
  • Fully reap the benefits of cost and time savings and ensure spotless operations

Why choose SpendEdge?

Featured Case Study

How SpendEdge Helped CPG Giant Streamline Contract Manufacturer Selection Process

Challenge: Faced with intense competition and the need to improve profit margins, our client turned to SpendEdge for assistance in overcoming their business challenges. One of the main strategies involved migrating cost-intensive operations to low-cost destinations.

Solution: Our team at SpendEdge assisted the client in streamlining their contract manufacturer selection process. Leveraging our expertise and market research methodology, we identified key contract manufacturers for the client’s ready-to-eat product line.

Result: The client successfully addressed their business challenges and achieved improved profit margins and reduced operating costs. All the while, also enhancing product quality and expanding manufacturing capabilities.

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With the increasing complexity of managing global supplier and delivery networks, creating an accurate and detailed supply chain map is the first step toward guaranteeing efficient supply chain evaluation and operations.

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