Impact of Macroecononomic Factors

Augment your budget planning and procurement expertise with exhaustive insights into the impact of macroeconomic factors on commodities and categories.

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How your business benefits

Track key macroeconomic factors that can impact commodity pricing

  • Analyze how major economic indicators (such as GDP, inflation, CPI, PPI) impact commodity costs,
  • Study the impact of each criteria on the commodities that are integral to your procurement function

Get comprehensive insights based on historical and forecast analysis

  • Accurately predict price movement for key commodities based on historical data and forecasts
  • Modify budget plans and enable procurement teams to make effective decisions

Be better prepared to manage risks

  • Strengthen risk management through accurate commodity pricing and trend forecasts
  • Engage in price hedging through futures contracts

Achieve cost advantages

  • Anticipate and plan for variations in the cost of key inputs/raw materials
  • Optimize sourcing strategies to stay ahead of the competition

Why choose SpendEdge?

Featured Case Study

How SpendEdge Helped CPG Giant Streamline Contract Manufacturer Selection Process

Challenge: Faced with intense competition and the need to improve profit margins, our client turned to SpendEdge for assistance in overcoming their business challenges. One of the main strategies involved migrating cost-intensive operations to low-cost destinations.

Solution: Our team at SpendEdge assisted the client in streamlining their contract manufacturer selection process. Leveraging our expertise and market research methodology, we identified key contract manufacturers for the client’s ready-to-eat product line.

Result: The client successfully addressed their business challenges and achieved improved profit margins and reduced operating costs. All the while, also enhancing product quality and expanding manufacturing capabilities.

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The threat of supply disruption hangs over every business. Unless CPOs plan for it, the crisis could well be imminent. An “early warning alert” is the best insurance against supply risks.

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