Oil and Gas

Despite being one of the most powerful and robust industries with high stakes in shaping global economies, oil and gas procurement is confronted by major headwinds in the form of supply chain snags.

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Challenges faced by the procurement team

Maintaining supply chain efficiency in the face of extreme volatility

High vulnerability to even the slightest changes in market conditions puts a great deal of strain on procurement teams to ensure timely delivery of products and services.

  • Unlock innovative approaches to proactively detect supply chain hindrances by collaborating with our experts
  • Reap the benefits of our supplier intelligence solutions to decipher the complexities associated with multi-tier supplier networks
  • Benchmark suppliers against industry standards to identify potential bottlenecks, be it operational, regulatory, or financial; our solutions will also highlight appropriate remedial measures for the same
Connect now Maintaining supply chain efficiency in the face of extreme volatility
Achieving cost reduction while embracing clean energy

With investors placing equal emphasis on cost optimization, sustainability, and product/service quality, technology-enabled cost modeling solutions could be the key differentiator.

  • Leave no stone unturned when it comes to identifying cost-saving opportunities with the help of our pragmatic and exhaustive cost analysis
  • Increase your awareness of suppliers’ pricing and engagement models with our supplier intelligence solutions to ensure you get maximum value for your purchase
  • Stay up to date with the latest regulatory changes and ESG trends to ensure compliance across all tiers of the supply chain
Connect now Achieving cost reduction while embracing clean energy
Effectively managing risk

Quality concerns, shortage of manpower, and poor supplier management top the list of major challenges faced by procurement teams today. They must be thoroughly prepared to act fast, which is where we step in!

  • Our seasoned analysts will ensure your procurement teams are equipped with accurate insights to frame the right contingency plans and ensure business continuity
  • Evaluate existing and potential risks associated with each supplier using our supplier risk analysis to take corrective action and strengthen overall supplier relationship management
  • Monitor the latest developments related to risk management tools, which you can leverage to further reinforce supply chain resilience
Connect now Effectively managing risk


Oil and Gas Field Services

Oil and Gas Field Services

Oil and Gas Field Services

The growth of the oil and gas industry presents opportunities, they also have to contend with expeditiously increasing technology and equipment costs.

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Countering price volatility and inevitable supply chain disruptions does not have to be as disconcerting as you think.

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Featured Case Study

How SpendEdge Helped CPG Giant Streamline Contract Manufacturer Selection Process

Challenge: Faced with intense competition and the need to improve profit margins, our client turned to SpendEdge for assistance in overcoming their business challenges. One of the main strategies involved migrating cost-intensive operations to low-cost destinations.

Solution: Our team at SpendEdge assisted the client in streamlining their contract manufacturer selection process. Leveraging our expertise and market research methodology, we identified key contract manufacturers for the client’s ready-to-eat product line.

Result: The client successfully addressed their business challenges and achieved improved profit margins and reduced operating costs. All the while, also enhancing product quality and expanding manufacturing capabilities.

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Dig Deeper with SE Insights Procurement Reports

Gathering data on your supplier’s capability to deliver high-quality products is just not enough. More open communication will ensure suppliers not only deliver with quality but also ahead of schedule.

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Mismatches between your needs and what your supplier delivers could weaken business performance. By collaborating intensely with suppliers, you can ensure your penchant for KPIs grows on them as well.

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