Transportation and Logistics

Rising consumption has only magnified the role of 3PL providers. To dial into this growth, providers must reengineer their supply networks.

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Challenges faced by the procurement team

Lack of visibility

Many transportation businesses grapple with incomplete data on their supply side, which is hobbling growth plans.

  • Invest in supplier and supply chain market intelligence to know all that’s going on in your delivery networks, and identify and plug inefficiencies in time
  • Get advance alerts on supply-side performance efficiency and unplanned events that could potentially upend your delivery chain and cause you financial and reputational loss
  • Benefit from dashboard overviews and detailed drilldowns of supply chain metrics and patterns; discover opportunities to improve processes and drive efficiency while containing risks
Connect now Lack of visibility
Need to go beyond cost control

A lot of businesses acknowledge they are struggling to shift gear from low-end cost-based projects to high-hanging fruits.

  • Deepen your collaboration with a supplier base that boasts the right balance of price, reliability, and skillsets to co-script innovation and win high-value deals
  • Pin down areas of excess logistics spend and significantly pare it through insights-based approaches to fine-tune routing, centralize procurement, as well as consolidate shipments
  • Enhance the supplier’s sense of fairness and achievement by tailoring equitable payments based on product cost breakdowns and the value of the task performed
Connect now Need to go beyond cost control
Improving supplier sustainability

Ethical and unsustainable production and delivery practices negatively impact an enterprise’s image, and accountability starts at the top!

  • Continually track the sustainability efforts that inform suppliers’ processes and tasks on a daily basis and get top-class insights at your fingertips in real time
  • Stay clear of “conflict minerals” and goods resulting from forced labor by embracing deeper visibility of the supply side with IoT-based shipment tracking and tracing
  • Gather relevant data on suppliers’ GHG emissions from across projects and facilities, discover useful patterns, compare with industry benchmarks, and realize emission reduction targets.
Connect now Improving supplier sustainability


Freight and Logistics

Freight and Logistics

Freight and Logistics

In a changing landscape, 3PL providers must reengineer their delivery chains to be able to scale and meet customer expectations at no extra cost.

Transportation Equipment

Transportation Equipment

Transportation Equipment

The diversity of input materials can be overwhelming for transportation equipment manufacturers, and high-precision market intelligence is key to overcoming the challenge.




The industry seesaws between cost competitiveness and brand experience, and to get to an equilibrium, a granular cost analysis is essential.

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Safety mandates for 3PL providers will reduce the risk of accidents and save lives. It is also good for the environment. But new safety guidelines almost always entail additional costs for providers. However, there are some effective ways you can reduce your compliance costs.

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Result: The client successfully addressed their business challenges and achieved improved profit margins and reduced operating costs. All the while, also enhancing product quality and expanding manufacturing capabilities.

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