Cost optimization and supplier shortlisting would be the mantra for CPOs in the chemicals industry to mitigate challenges like raw material price fluctuations and shortages as well as supply chain disruptions.

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Challenges faced by the procurement team

Cost reduction

Accurate forecast of raw material prices, budgeting, and stringent control over inventory will aid in ensuring competitive prices

  • We understand your business requirements and offer customized solutions to optimize inventory based on actual demand. We can also forecast the demand, thus enabling you to make informed decisions about product procurement quantity
  • Adopting disruptive technology will also aid in maintaining and streamlining inventory. We can identify inventory management solutions that aid in real-time tracking of sales
  • Based on our expert analysis of your needs, we identify procurement costs and generate realistic budgets that can help you minimize wastage and make timely purchase of raw materials
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Transportation disruption

The chemical industry has a long and complex supply chain, and with globalization being the buzzword, the focus would be on easing bottlenecks

  • In the post-pandemic era, CPOs have to be on their toes to avoid transportation disruption as the global supply chain is more prominent in the chemical industry than any other industry
  • Using our KPI solutions, you can shortlist logistics partners and identify gaps in the procurement process. This, in turn, would help you to implement cost-optimization strategies and data-driven decisions
  • We offer solutions based on strategies such as BCCS/LCCS and multi-supplier sourcing to aid in cost reduction and ensure uninterrupted supply
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Regulatory Adherence

The growing stringency and amendments to regulation and policies imposed on the chemical industry has a huge financial impact.

  • Our team of experts not only helps you understand the regulations specific to your company but also informs you of the local and latest regulatory requirements
  • This will help you to avoid supply chain disruption as most of the regulations are related to the transportation of hazardous chemicals
  • We also aid in shortlisting suppliers based on their compliance track record and offer best practices that can help to address common compliance issues
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Basic and Specialty Chemicals

Basic and Specialty Chemicals

Basic and Specialty Chemicals

We help you navigate supply chain disruptions, raw material shortages, and price fluctuations, which are some of the key concerns plaguing the industry

Paints and Coatings

Paints and Coatings

Paints and Coatings

Sourcing raw materials in a cost-effective manner is a key challenge faced by the industry, and our experts can help you identify best-fit alternative suppliers




We help you navigate through the stringent and ever-changing regulatory requirements, thus enabling you to avoid delays in introducing new products and thereby reducing costs.

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Navigate the high-cost pressure situation caused by the ever-growing global competition through our suite of procurement advisory services.

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Featured Case Study

How SpendEdge Helped CPG Giant Streamline Contract Manufacturer Selection Process

Challenge: Faced with intense competition and the need to improve profit margins, our client turned to SpendEdge for assistance in overcoming their business challenges. One of the main strategies involved migrating cost-intensive operations to low-cost destinations.

Solution: Our team at SpendEdge assisted the client in streamlining their contract manufacturer selection process. Leveraging our expertise and market research methodology, we identified key contract manufacturers for the client’s ready-to-eat product line.

Result: The client successfully addressed their business challenges and achieved improved profit margins and reduced operating costs. All the while, also enhancing product quality and expanding manufacturing capabilities.

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Dig Deeper with SE Insights Procurement Reports

Gathering data on your supplier’s capability to deliver high-quality products is just not enough. More open communication will ensure suppliers not only deliver with quality but also ahead of schedule.

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Classical models of supply-chain resilience don’t seem to be making the cut against unplanned disruptions. This is prompting businesses to build supply lines for the longer term with high bounce-back capabilities.

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