Energy and Utilities

Rising energy costs, supply chain hindrances, and climate change are likely to be the toughest challenges for the energy and utilities industry. Trustworthy procurement intelligence and cost analysis solutions might just be the right antidote for companies.

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Challenges faced by the procurement team

Keep supply chains fully operational

The probability of disruptions severely impacting end users is astronomical in this sector and can lead to dire financial and reputational risks

  • Maintain strong service levels by identifying and engaging only with suppliers that never fail to deliver even in the face of obstacles
  • Carefully evaluate risk factors (technology, social, regulatory, environmental) across your supply chain using our comprehensive risk profiles of suppliers
  • Determine the areas of improvement for high-risk suppliers by leveraging our KPI analysis and insights to ensure optimal supplier performance
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Fast-track the transition to green energy

Organizations are under immense pressure to embrace sustainability initiatives, including green energy, but there are intricacies involved. Smart procurement intelligence solutions can help save your day.

  • Get a clear view of the latest developments related to the green energy movement and see how your peers fare in this area
  • Our experts will help you define your objectives and incorporate the same into our methodology to recommend strategies that will help you save cost and maximize efficiency
  • Evaluate the contract engagement models currently in vogue and weigh their benefits against your desired business outcomes to select the best-fit model
Connect now Fast-track the transition to green energy
Adopt technology early on

With the growing focus on minimizing/eliminating fossil fuel use and upgrading utility infrastructure, most critical functions of organizations will fall under heavy scrutiny.

  • Our team of specialists will empower your procurement departments with valuable insights into the utility technologies being adopted globally
  • Gain actionable intel on the total cost associated with leading technologies along with a detailed cost breakdown that can help you strengthen your position during negotiations
  • Evaluate case studies of successful implementation of some of the latest technologies to bring in a sense of assurance into your decision-making
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Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution

Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution

Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution

With the growing need to modernize these systems and cope with regulation, organizations are keen to adopt more effective strategies.

Nuclear and Renewable Energy

Nuclear and Renewable Energy

Nuclear and Renewable Energy

Adopting renewable energy sources offers plenty of growth opportunities, but there are procurement challenges as well.

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In an industry that is subject to high levels of volatility across most critical functions, expert supplier and procurement intelligence solutions are a great first step toward achieving profitable and desirable business outcomes.

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Featured Case Study

A green energy player ups negotiation stakes, reins in key procurement cost drivers

Challenge: As Covid-19 loosened its icy grip on the populace, supply chain activities began to slowly return to pre-pandemic levels. Against the backdrop of changing energy procurement, our client wanted to precisely estimate price trends for its business segments based on a range of factors.

Solution: Our experts meticulously went over every relevant inch of the client’s supply network with the objective of pinning down segments that were in dire need of improved visibility and route optimization. With assistance from our experts, the client was able to sketch alternative supply sources for critical metals to bridge the gap between what the client’s procurement organization needed and what it was currently getting.

Result: Informed by our in-depth spend market metrics, the client has floated an RFx for critical metals with the shortlisted alternative suppliers. Furthermore, armed with pricing and inflation data all the way down to downstream sub-components, the client’s category managers have all the firepower they need to move the needle at the negotiation table.

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Dig Deeper with "SE Insights" Procurement Reports

Gathering data on your supplier’s capability to deliver high-quality products is just not enough. More open communication will ensure suppliers not only deliver with quality but also ahead of schedule.

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Make Informed Procurement Decisions with SE Insights

Mismatches between your needs and what your supplier delivers could weaken business performance. By collaborating intensely with suppliers, you can ensure your penchant for KPIs grows on them as well.

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