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The fast pace and disruptive nature of technology in the ICT, media, and entertainment industry is putting focus on ensuring an informed procurement decision.

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Challenges faced by the procurement team

Identifying best-fit supplier

Presence of multiple players having similar product offerings drives focus on identifying the best-fit suppliers.

  • We assess the capabilities, pricing, and customer satisfaction of multiple suppliers to identify the ones that would provide you with a competitive edge
  • Based on our analysis of your needs, we identify suppliers that align with your objectives. Such collaborations will result in long-term engagements and cost benefits
  • Engaging with us will also help in consolidating your supply chain as we can identify suppliers with multiple offerings, thus streamlining the purchase process
Connect now Identifying best-fit supplier
Rapid advancements in technology

Rapid changes in technology, especially its disruptive nature, make it difficult for players to stay up to date and assess its long-term impact.

  • Technology is fast evolving in this industry. This makes it difficult for players to keep track of the updates and exploit the disruptive technology
  • We help to identify technologies that are best suited to your needs, are cost effective, and help meet sustainability goals
  • We also analyze the long-term value and viability of the technology, apart from ensuring its compatibility with the existing systems, before offering advice
Connect now Rapid advancements in technology
Effective cost management

Finding the right balance between purchasing a high-quality product and the most cost-effective one is vital.

  • We can provide detailed spend analysis, which includes identifying unforeseen expenses such as licensing, equipment maintenance, and software upgrade fees
  • We can also help to navigate through complex contracts and offer strategies that can help in negotiating during pricing agreements
  • Our cost models not only provide a detailed cost break up, but also provide insights on supplier margins which pave the way for effective negotiation
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IT Hardware

IT Hardware

IT Hardware

With green buzz gaining popularity, sustainable procurement is going to be the mantra in the IT hardware sector

IT Software

IT Software

IT Software

We offer solutions that not only ensure cost-effective procurement of IT software but are also in compliance with the licensing requirements

Media and Entertainment

Media and Entertainment

Media and Entertainment

We can equip you with resources to navigate the ever-changing requirements, complex procurement processes, and budgeting of the media and entertainment industry

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