Rate Card Benchmarking

Strengthen your operational and financial performance and put yourself in the driver’s seat during contract negotiations utilizing our rate card benchmarking analysis.

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How your business benefits

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the domains under focus

  • Break down the market landscape for the overall category you’re looking to study
  • Evaluate the feasibility of markets/regions based on PESTLE analysis specific to the category

Assess rate cards for specific job roles

  • Identify hourly rates for each job role under focus by factoring in all necessary considerations
  • Compare rate cards for specific job roles across various countries
  • Get market definitions for all the job roles under focus
  • Evaluate other billing rate components such as overheads, profits, salary, and benefits

Study factors that affect hourly rates

  • Monitor rates based on project type, experience and designation of personnel, and strategic value
  • Make cost-effective decisions that will also ensure business continuity

Evaluate prevalent pricing models and industry trends related to billing rates

  • Distinguish between feasible and infeasible pricing structures to reduce cost
  • Supplement supplier negotiations with the help of valuable billing methodology know-how

Avail Additional Scope-specific Information

  • Evaluate current engagement models to identify the best-suited one for your needs
  • Analyze the procurement best practices of peers and competitors
  • Anticipate potential changes in rates via outlook analysis

Why choose SpendEdge?

Featured Case Study

How SpendEdge Helped CPG Giant Streamline Contract Manufacturer Selection Process

Challenge: Faced with intense competition and the need to improve profit margins, our client turned to SpendEdge for assistance in overcoming their business challenges. One of the main strategies involved migrating cost-intensive operations to low-cost destinations.

Solution: Our team at SpendEdge assisted the client in streamlining their contract manufacturer selection process. Leveraging our expertise and market research methodology, we identified key contract manufacturers for the client’s ready-to-eat product line.

Result: The client successfully addressed their business challenges and achieved improved profit margins and reduced operating costs. All the while, also enhancing product quality and expanding manufacturing capabilities.

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In times of unprecedented pricing uncertainty arising from scenarios such as COVID or political unrest, inventive yet reliable rate card benchmarking solutions are the need of the hour.

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