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Meaningful data is in short supply, everywhere
Data is everywhere, but just where is the relevant and actionable insights that a business can exploit to its advantage?

Businesses need contextualized data
Today’s procurement landscape needs more than a one-size-fits-all solution. Our collection of definitive syndicated market reports suits the needs of businesses, large and small, worldwide. Outside of this, you can request any information not available in our reports, and we have allocated some free research hours expressly for this purpose.

Customers are done with piecemeal approaches
CPOs want to break free from point solutions and their overly fragmented approach as well as avoid dealing with multiple vendors.

The only way out is thinking outside the box
Our deep, accurate, and meaningful data work across the silos of various spend areas at procurement organizations to help sourcing teams achieve billions in savings. Our insights help customers simplify and consolidate their spend management across geographic locations and business units for best results.

CPOs fear they might miss out real opportunities
A key factor limiting the success of procurement functions is the dread of making a bad decision based on insufficient or inaccurate data.

Decision makers need the big picture of the supply market
The shifting sands of the supplier landscape is posing challenges for legacy market researchers. Using old-world tools to capture dramatically evolving supply markets results in sketchy data. By contrast, we work with best-of-breed tools to bring you the complete picture of the forces shaping the supply market.

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Supplier data points are all over the Internet, leaving users confused. With BizVibe, your business can enjoy instant access to millions of relevant supplier profiles and shortlist the best ones.

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In the face of price volatilities, making data-driven decisions is turning problematic. COMET, our commodity price tracking tool, comes to the rescue by alerting you to commodity price changes as they happen.

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Fines and reputational losses arising out of unplanned supply outages are nothing short of damning! D-Risk keeps supplier issues at bay by generating risk scores for all your top vendors.

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Mega Trends

Making procurement decisions without factoring in events from across industries is a recipe for disaster. Enter Mega Trends, a tool that keeps you posted on key trends from multiple industries.

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Mega Trends

Top Countries Sourcing

To derive any real value from “country market” sourcing, you need to understand these destinations in-depth. Our granular insights will help you to tap into various country markets profitably.

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Top Countries Sourcing

Help your procurement staff do more in less time

Procurement staff need no longer waste time finding needles of insights in haystacks of data. Our tools will put relevant insights at your fingertips.

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