Mining, Metals and Minerals

In this era, when the sustainability mantra is gaining prominence, ensuring compliance with the expanding ESG framework is key to ensuring long-term success for mining, metals, and minerals companies.

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Challenges faced by the procurement team

Cut ESG pressure

Ensuring adherence to the ESG framework is a priority as miners are under high pressure to decarbonize their operations.

  • Incorporating sustainable procurement is the way to go for the industry. We not only help you understand the sustainability goals of competitors but also identify the sustainability initiatives undertaken by them
  • Apart from identifying the green alternatives, we will analyze their cost implications on business operations before suggesting the best-fit option for you
  • Water stewardship is fast becoming a priority in the industry, and we help you identify smart-water solutions that are also cost effective
Connect now Cut ESG pressure
Geopolitical tension

Geopolitical issues can impact the demand and supply of raw materials, thereby adding to the cost of the company.

  • Challenges faced due to geopolitics are often sudden and can be fatal to the business. Therefore, forecasting the challenges and preparing solutions to mitigate them in advance is vital
  • We help you identify challenges such as possible shortage in raw material supply in future that can arise due to war and trade sanctions, and offer solutions to overcome them
  • We also identify solutions such as digitization and supplier diversification that aid in resolving supply chain bottlenecks
Connect now Geopolitical tension
Keeping up with constant changes in technology

Including disruptive technology will aid companies to improve operation efficiency, productivity, and performance.

  • Understand the disruptive technologies currently available and how they can aid in meeting the ESG framework while lowering cost. In the current scenario, adoption of disruptive technology is key to the survival of companies in the mining industry
  • We also help you understand how these technologies can improve biodiversity and productivity, apart from warning about asset failures
Connect now Keeping up with constant changes in technology


Mining equipment

Mining equipment

Mining equipment

With decarbonization being the top concern for miners, equipment manufacturers should look for sustainable procurement.

Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals

Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals

Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals

While recycling is the way to go for ferrous and non-ferrous metal, sorting the bottlenecks in the supply chain will be the key to the success of your business.

Precious metal

Precious metal

Precious metal

To overcome geopolitical risks that are gaining prominence in the current environment, we offer solutions to smoothen supply chain and improve availability.

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Sustainable procurement is the way to go in this industry, and we offer the best solutions that meet your requirements.

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