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Supply and Demand Forecasting

Minimizing Inventory Costs and Optimizing Cash Flow for an Automotive Industry Client – SpendEdge’s Supply and Demand Forecasting Engagement

The client is a leading automotive market player, established in the US. They employ over 6,500 people and generate more than $13 billion in revenues, annually.

Predicaments Faced 

Being a new market player, the automotive industry client wanted to leverage SpendEdge’s supply and demand forecasting strategy in their pricing and procurement decision making. The automotive industry company was also looking at adopting a process to balance out the irregularities in the supply and demand curve. They also wanted to ensure that their products are produced at the right time and delivered seamlessly. Moreover, with the help of SpendEdge’s supply and demand forecasting solution, the client wanted to coordinate the planning and marketing process to reduce inconsistency and address issues pertaining to operational inefficiencies and missed opportunities.



PESTLE Analysis and Recommendations on the Automotive Industry

About the Client 

With a market capitalization of more than $200 billion, the client is one of the largest automotive company in the world. The organization has mechanically superior assembling offices in Montgomery, Alabama, Michigan, in addition to planning, research, and testing grounds in California.

Business Challenge

The client, a global leader in the automotive sector wanted to leverage PESTLE analysis to analyze the global automotive landscape. The company was facing challenges in making use of profitable opportunities due to changes in external factors. The client needed to be prepared for possible threats, which arises from time to timrequest proposale due to external factors.

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Our Findings

With the solutions recommended by a team of PESTLE analysis specialists at SpendEdge, the client was able to make use of profitable opportunities and anticipated all the future difficulties and took actions to avoid their effects. The PESTLE analysis provided the client with a better understanding of the wider business environment and supported the company to spot business opportunities and employ them successfully.

What is PESTLE Analysis?


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