Innovative Outbound Telemarketing Practices to Boost Sales in the Automotive Industry


Innovative Outbound Telemarketing Practices to Boost Sales in the Automotive Industry

SpendEdge’s latest supply market intelligence on outbound telemarketing helps companies in the automotive sector identify and find the right supplier and procurement partner that will optimize their productivity and reduce the roadblocks.

Demand trends for outbound telemarketing

Phone calls to potential customers to buy products and services is a direct marketing technique called outbound telemarketing. Leading service providers in the market are providing multi-channel services such as digital marketing and face-to-face trade marketing with telemarketing services. Outbound telemarketing services comprise of telesales, lead generation, and up-selling and cross-selling activities. Suppliers are adopting telephone, e-mail, and SMS services that provide higher conversion rates and increases productivity. Additionally, service providers are leveraging technology to help enhance agent productivity, offer value-added services such as database scrubbing, and post-call analytics. Outbound telemarketing in the automotive industry helps manufacturers boost their sales revenue and offer aftermarket services to customers. These services help suppliers increase the customer satisfaction and result in higher retention rates. The supply market intelligence study by SpendEdge helps companies in the automotive sector to enhance their procurement practices. The study also assesses suppliers, identifies cost-saving opportunities, and improves category management.

The integration of omnichannel marketing and outbound telemarketing will help manufacturers in the automotive industry to increase the response rates and boost customer loyalty. These strategies are designed to have multiple touch points that result in better customer engagement. Telemarketing is an effective tool used as a follow-up method for posts on the different social media platforms and SMS services used by the suppliers. This integration effectively augments the productivity among the selling agents and helps them analyze the customer buying pattern.

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Big data analytics for call monitoring

The adoption of call data analytics and historical trend analysis are conducted to improve the productivity of the campaign and increase the sale per contract. Big data analytics aims to reduce the cost associated with each sale and improve the productivity of the agents. Analyzing the call patterns and conducting market research reports on call history helps the sale force to gain insights into the time that is ideal to contact prospective leads. Furthermore, the companies are leveraging new technology such as automation that boosts the efficiency, accuracy, flexibility, and intellect of the agents.

Solutions SpendEdge offer to businesses

SpendEdge’s supply market intelligence study provides automotive companies a clear perspective of the supply market for outbound telemarketing services and analyzes the future growth prospect. The solutions offered includes:

  • Provide a detailed overview of the latest trends in sourcing and procurement, supply market, pricing models, and cost-saving opportunities
  • Offer a breakdown of the cost-optimization levers, price negotiation strategies, strategic sustainability practices, and sourcing and procurement best practices
  • Provide an understanding of the supply market landscape by identifying the different areas of improvement in terms of output, process, and automation
  • Design strategies for price negotiation, indicative pricing, cost-saving opportunities, and category risk analysis
  • Deliver insights into the supplier cost breakup and suppliers’ performance evaluation criteria

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