Procurement Research Report on the Global Plasticizers Market Now Available from SpendEdge

Procurement Research Report on the Global Plasticizers Market Now Available from SpendEdge

Plasticizers are the key raw material used to manufacture products such as pipes, adhesives and sealants, and cables and wires. Hence with the rapid growth of the construction industry is contributing to the demand for plasticizers.

LONDON: The strategic procurement research report on the plasticizers market is a decisive part of SpendEdge’s chemicals category portfolio and offers a deep-dive assessment of the key factors influencing strategic procurement decisions, pricing models, supply market, and procurement best practices. Furthermore, it also offers profound insights into the supply chain management, key market developments, and demand-supply shifts to help sourcing and procurement experts make smart procurement decisions.

Plasticizers are essentially used in the PVC industry to provide flexibility to PVC products, and the demand for the same is experiencing a strong increase. When heated, PVC becomes softer and flexible, and plasticizers are added to retain such properties when the PVC cools down. Also, manufacturers of PVC can alter these characteristics by using using them at different temperatures.

“Purchasing managers prefer suppliers that can assist in selecting appropriate plasticizers that can meet their application-specific requirements,” says Angad Singh, a chemicals industry procurement research specialist at SpendEdge.

Purchasing managers are shifting to non-phthalate plasticizers such as TOTM, epoxy, and adipates, owing to the need to address health concerns. Governments in geographies such as Europe and North America have recently enacted regulations to limit or ban the use of phthalates. However, prices of alternatives such as TOTM and adipates are considerably higher than DOP posing a challenge for purchasing managers.

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This procurement research report on the plasticizers market offers insights on:

  • Supply market, growth drivers, trends, and imminent challenges
  • Key suppliers and assessment of their capabilities
  • Procurement best practices
  • Negotiation strategies and cost-saving opportunities
  • Pricing models and category innovations
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