Spend Analysis & Benchmarking

Granular Insights on Buying Activities and Other Spending Trends

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What we do?

We identify cost saving opportunities to help clients save millions every year using insightful, actionable spend analysis that drives successful sourcing plans.

Category Level Spend Analysis

Combining our expertise with advanced tools and technology, we help procurement managers identify latent saving opportunities and create strategic plans that would reduce their expenditure in every category.


Supplier Consolidation and Demand Aggregation

With proven strategies to consolidate suppliers within specific supply markets, SpendEdge solutions help organizations reduce purchasing and supplier management costs and increase the efficiency of their procurement process.


Category and Supplier Strategy Development

Considering different weighted variables including the number of suppliers, supplier switching costs, number of substitutes, and the level of importance to suppliers, we provide efficient strategies that will help category managers achieve shorter supplier lead times and faster PO processing.


Tail Spend Management

Identifying businesses’ need to monitor their tail spend, we at SpendEdge help organizations reduce the cost of procurement processes and using our tested tail spend management methodologies, design efficient strategies that will help enterprises recognize savings in their tail-spend.


Supplier Benchmarking

Basing our analysis on various parameters including equity interests, sales volumes, technology base, manufacturing and distribution capabilities, we provide in-depth insights that will help procurement professionals make better purchasing decisions.


Input Cost and Supplier Price Benchmarking

Leveraging our expertise in price intelligence study, we analyse various pricing models, identify key factors driving prices, discover regional variations in pricing, predict price changes, and help enterprises identify suppliers offering better prices.

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