Supply Chain Risk Assessment

Future-proofing operations and profitability against predictable and unpredictable surprises across the supply chain.

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SpendEdge assesses both known (predictable) and unknown (unpredictable) supply chain risks to provide up-to-date and precise intelligence on vulnerabilities in terms of the availability of raw materials, fluctuations of global supply and demand, pandemics, and natural and/or man-made disasters, to name a few. Importantly, the impact on each specific supply chain structure can be short- or long-lasting, and will depend on the supplier’s ability to pivot and adjust to address immediate pressures and industry trends. Our team can help your organization proactively evaluate and forecast the resiliency of each supplier’s value chain so that potential detrimental impacts can be identified and mitigated. By better understanding the variables and stakeholders affecting supply chains via SpendEdge’s comprehensive datasets from globally relevant sources, your organization’s costs and revenues can be prioritized and maintained.

Our on-demand team of experts can help your organization:

  • Identify, evaluate, and prioritize potential supply chain risks and the impact to your business with respect to import/export logistics and supply/demand pricing models
  • Identify the advantages and weaknesses of your current supply chain, and make recommendations regarding potential risk mitigation strategies
  • Assess the business, regulatory, geo-political, operational, and financial statuses of supply chains
  • Develop contingency plans to ensure continuity of material/product supply
  • Map tier 1 to tier n suppliers of your critical suppliers and assess risk associated with them
  • Establish processes to continuously identify, assess, and mitigate future risks
  • Get the most value of out your supply chains to maintain or increase your profitability

SpendEdge is a full-service procurement market intelligence advisory firm with 16 years of experience and presence across the globe. Our team of 550+ analysts has helped procurement teams better assess supply chain risks and has assisted in devising strategic approaches that result in profitable execution. Our comprehensive insights empower your procurement experts to deliver results in alignment with corporate objectives and KPIs, as well as to better understand leading-edge industry and technology trends. SpendEdge’s procurement intelligence solutions provide actionable insights to enable your organization to adopt a proactive approach to supply chain risk assessment.

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Disruption to supply markets during Covid-19 has impacted many SMBs and large corporations. Our Sourcing and Procurment Intelligence service is assisting clients with Covid-19 Impact Assessment.

Typical Coverage Areas and Key Questions Answered

Typical Coverage Areas

  • Supply chain structure
  • Supply trends and forecasts
  • Import/export scenario
  • Current prices and forecasts
  • Profitability across supply chain
  • Supply side risk assessment
  • Demand side risk assessment
  • Geo-Political risk assessment
  • Overall Impact on global supply chain
  • Impact on global commodity/product prices
Key Questions Answered
  • What is the structure and current state of the supply chain?
  • What are the typical risks associated with the supply chain?
  • How are these risks likely to impact the business?


SpendEdge Reports provide every piece of information we look for. Cost Saving Opportunities, Procurement Best Practices, Details on Key Suppliers etc. Very useful for our decision making.

Manager, Procurement Analytics, Leading Pharma Company

The insights were quite granular in nature and were very useful to the category strategy, especially the supplier risk assessment exercise.

VP Procurement, Leading Power & Energy Company

SpendEdge Insights is a very easy tool. I like how easy it is to find reports and the way information is laid out.

Procurement Analytics Manager, Leading Medical Devices Company

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Our Expertise

Category Market Intelligence

Transitioning your category procurement strategy beyond cost-saving and into a strategic function of the organization.

Supply Market Analysis

Enabling companies to achieve procurement maturity, enhanced savings and reduced risks through supply market intelligence.

Low-Cost Country Sourcing/Best Cost Country Sourcing

Empowering you to select the most optimal cost sourcing locations, by understanding prime cost advantages and the associated risks.


Developing a competitive edge and winning strategy through supplier, price and procurement best practice benchmarking.

Spend Analysis

Optimizing an organization’s spend, by effectively identifying, categorizing, visualizing and evaluating in to order identify savings across the supply chain.

Cost Modeling and Should-Cost Analysis

Obtaining visibility of costs across the value chain to make informed suppliers, pricing, risks and budget-related decisions.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Analysis

Estimating the true cost of doing business, including all direct and indirect costs as the foundation for price negotiations.

Supplier Risk Analysis

Leaning on timely proprietary and secondary market research to evaluate the supplier risk profile in order to mitigate risks.

Supply Chain Risk Assessment

Future-proofing operations and profitability against predictable and unpredictable surprises across the supply chain.

Sustainability Practices Assessment

Transforming businesses and procurement practices with a focus on the triple bottom line value generation: financial, environmental and social.

Commodity Price Forecasting

Activating data-driven procurement planning, assessing pricing-related risks, and supply chain disruptions due to price volatility.

Category Management

Transitioning your category procurement strategy beyond cost-saving and into a strategic function of the organization.

Supplier Negotiations

Positioning sourcing and procurement teams for winning negotiations with current and prospective suppliers.


Contract Management

Increasing confidence and efficiency in contract negotiation and execution, through analysis, insights and best practices.