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Identify Supply Chain Risks and Potential Outcomes

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With an extensive risk management portfolio, functional expertise, and targeted research programs, we at SpendEdge focus on helping organizations effectively manage supply chain risks and enhance their performance.
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Supply Chain Visibility and Risk Assessment

Consolidating metrics across various sectors of the supply chain, we help clients identify the structure of the supply chain and key stakeholders and all risks associated with it including the stakeholders’ supply capacity, fluctuation in supply capacity, and its impact on prices.


Supplier Risk Analysis

Aimed at providing complete supplier risk analysis solutions, we make a detailed study on every attribute from the supplier’s financial stability to the level of short and long-term liabilities and even the risks associated with currency and interest rates.


Real Time Risk Monitoring and Alerts

From identifying the need and planning the purchase to selecting the purchasing method purchasing documentation, and evaluating the procurement process, we analyze data from multiple sources help business manage procurement risks across various business units.


Impact Analysis

Our impact analysis solutions help enterprises identify and prioritize their business processes, recognize the equipment and applications associated with each business process, and also realize possible impacts in case of a disruption.


Pricing Fluctuation/Pressure Forecasting

Realizing the impact of price fluctuations, we at SpendEdge provide businesses a detailed analysis of the current pricing and possible fluctuations in the price of cost elements and forecast raw material pricing based on the manufacturing location and processes.


Financial Risk Assessment

At SpendEdge, we conduct in-depth financial risk assessment studies for both pre-qualification of suppliers, and for monitoring the financial health of existing suppliers.  Our solution coverage is deep enough to help clients identify and shortlist suppliers with low financial risk, regularly monitor the existing suppliers and foresee any potential risks so as to develop appropriate mitigation strategies.

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