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SpendEdge Offers a One Point Access to Actionable Category Market Insights

With increasing emphasis on achieving sourcing and procurement excellence, the requirement for in-depth category specific insights is increasing. Our subscription services offer a comprehensive coverage of category market insights, benchmarking, and risk assessments to help category managers with robust decision making.

Category Supply Market Insights


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Latest Category Innovations


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Risk Monitoring/ Reporting

Spend Areas We Cover

  • Security Services
    MRO – Services
    Catering Services
    Cleaning Services
    Waste Management

    Facility Management Services and Supplies
  • unified communications

    Media buying
    Digital Marketing
    Printing Services
    Public Relations
    Advertising Production

  • Headhunting Services
    Recruitment Services
    HR Consulting
    HR Payroll Processing
    HR Corporate Training

    Corporate Services
  • Tax Advisory Services
    Banking Services
    Mobile Wallets
    Network Payment Services
    Financial Consulting Services

    Financial Services
  • Management Consulting
    IT Consulting
    Business Process Outsourcing
    Accounting Services
    Risk Management Services

    Professional Services
  • Enterprise Software
    IT Infrastructure Services
    Managed Services
    Data Center Services
    Hosting Services

    IT Services
  • EPC and EPCM
    Construction Professional Services (AE)

    Construction Services
  • Network Infrastructure/Equipment
    VoIP Services
    Internet/Data Services
    Mobile/Wireless Telecom Services
    Network Management Services

    Telecom and Networking
  • Office Stationary
    Corporate Procurement Cards/Purchasing Cards
    Office Furniture and Furnishings
    General Office Supplies

    Office Supplies and Equipment
  • 3PL Services
    4PL Services
    Air Freight
    Road Transportation
    Rail Transportation

    Logistics, Warehousing and Transportation
  • Corporate Travel
    Air Travel
    Leased/rental Vehicles
    Hotels and Accommodations
    Meeting and Events

    Travel and Entertainment
  • Workplace Computing Devices
    IT Peripherals

    Computers and Peripherals

User Testimonials


We gain access to all latest industry news, supplier updates and innovation landscape too, in addition to the research reports. Our category managers used to go through large set of information sources to track these news items. With the hep of SpendEdge tool, we gain direct access to news articles that are only relevant to the procurement landscape, hence saving us a lot of time.

SpendEdge portal provides us immediate access to information on more than 50 categories. The most attractive feature being Analyst Support. We could ask any question through the portal and have received immediate responses from SpendEdge analysts. This helps us save a lot of time and effort.

Pricing Insights section is something that our team loves the most. We have always faced challenges in understanding the pricing models, price points and negotiation levers. All these are covered as a part of SpendEdge reports and helps us gain quick insights.

The SpendEdge reports are very well structured and help us gain quick insights into leading suppliers, pricing models and negotiation strategies. Our team always wanted quick access to such insights, and now is made possible with subscription to the SpendEdge platform

I am really satisfied with their level of understanding of what our needs are and how the results are sharply focused on such without wasting time on peripheral subjects.

SpendEdge has been thinking along with us from the start, enhancing the way we structured the process and the expectations

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What is SpendEdge Insights?

SpendEdge Insights is a web based procurement market intelligence platform that provides access to ready-to-use category intelligence reports covering 300+ spend areas. This platform is aimed to provide sourcing and procurement professionals with 24*7 access to ready-to-use reports to support them with quick and robust decision making.

What are the key areas covered as a part of SpendEdge reports?

Our reports provide comprehensive coverage of critical areas such as Procurement Best Practices, Negotiation Strategies, Pricing Models etc., along with detailed market and supplier specific insights. These insights are tailored in a way as to help category managers with achieving quick wins and also strategize for long-term benefits.

How are SpendEdge reports different from other subscription reports?

SpendEdge reports provide access to granular insights that are not typically covered as a part of regular standard reports, and our insights are aligned towards helping Category Managers Maximize Cost Savings and Achieve Significant Process Improvement, all at a very competitive price.

Is there a price difference between purchasing individual reports vs., taking a subscription package?

Yes! There is a huge cost advantage associated with our subscription packages. Please get in touch with us to know more. You can submit your enquiry online and our account manager will reach out to you at the earliest.

How much does the subscription cost?

We have multiple subscription packages to cater to the varying needs of our clients. SpendEdge is also open to develop a tailored subscription package to meet your research needs and budget. You can submit your enquiry online and we will get in touch with you at the earliest.

Could you share a sample report, or is there a demo available?

Yes, we provide free trial access to our portal solution! The trial would be accessible for a limited 14 day period and would provide you access to some of our reports. You can submit an online request for the same and we would set it up for you.

Do you also provide customization option? Most of the syndicated report providers don’t.

Customization is one of our key strengths and we are capable of delivering a high degree of customization to meet the exact information needs of your category managers. The exact requirements can be discussed and finalized on a case-to-case basis.

Do you provide discounts for multiyear contracts?

Yes, we do provide significant discounts for clients who sign up for multiyear contracts. Please get in touch with us to know more. You can submit your enquiry online and our account manager will reach out to you at the earliest.

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