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SpendEdge Webinar on 26th and 27th July – Outsourcing HR Services & the Importance of Performance Based Supplier Engagements

One of the primary concerns of the Human Resources (HR) component of any corporate entity is to ensure the continuous and productive development of their in-house human resource base. Unfortunately, due to a jack-of-all-trades categorization, the average HR unit is overwhelmed with a plethora of crucial tasks and cannot dedicate the desired chunk of attention to such activities as talent administration, leadership development, and service improvement. Is growing the HR team a viable and long-term answer to this conundrum?

Maybe, but that’s also a costly and time intensive proposition. Outsourcing HR services on the other hand ensures that an experienced offshore HR unit is bought into the picture that ensures a two-pronged advantage to the organization- 1) Help the company contain costs, and manage risks, while still enjoying competent HR services, and 2) Free up the in-house HR outfit to concentrate on more employee development initiatives

Insights on HR Outsourcing & Supplier Ties Based on Performance

On the 26th & 27th of July 2017, SpendEdge, the globally renowned procurement intelligence advisory firm, is hosting an insightful discussion on ‘Outsourcing HR Services & the Importance of Performance Based Supplier Engagements’. This webinar, conducted by expert luminaries from SpendEdge’s Bangalore based sourcing team, will deal with the following key considerations-

  • How HR outsourcing can help in driving transformation within the organization
  • How to enhance employee engagement through process improvements
  • Analyzing the impact of automation and data analytics on talent acquisition
  • Exploring the role of strategic supplier relationships in facilitating efficient human resource administration
  • Rise of multi-country and centralized outsourcing models for improved profitability and productivity

The webinar is scheduled for 45 minutes and is focused on helping business leaders understand the importance of setting up strategic partnerships with suppliers for HR services from the perspective of cost containment, risk management and employee development. Thanks to the quality HR services on offer, businesses can expect a satisfied workforce that is simultaneously more productive and engaged.

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If you are Manager/Director – Centre of Excellence,  Category Manager – Outsourced Services, or an HR professional taking care of HR Shared Services/HR Strategy/HR Core Process and wish to align your business in the general direction of improved productivity, collaboration and elimination of wasted movements and redundant strategies, tune in via the following channels at the appointed hour.EMEANA

Expert Speakers Discuss Actionable Insights

Our speakers have years of domain expertise in sourcing and procurement. They are natural problem solvers and have a penchant for spotting resourceful market insights when it comes to organizations and their attempts to better manage their spending and supply chains. A brief introduction to them follows.

Sanya Sehgal works with the sourcing team in the Bangalore office of Infiniti Research. She has experience in working across sectors such as media, pharmaceutical, automotive, and industrial services in the areas of procurement benchmarking, strategic sourcing, and quantitative market modelling, etc.

Parikshit Ghoshal is a part of the sourcing advisory team in the Bangalore office of Infiniti Research. He has 9+ years of experience in working across sectors such as F&B, automotive, media, telecom, IT, life sciences, and heavy industries in areas of procurement advisory, strategic sourcing, competitive benchmarking and analysis, and quantitative market modelling.

See you there. Please do reach out to us if you seek more information or clarification.

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