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Supply Chain Solutions: Enhancing Inbound Logistics Process to Meet Short-term Demand Forecasts for a Fashion Retail Company – A SpendEdge Case Study

The Business Challenge

The client, a fast fashion retail company headquartered in Western Europe wanted to leverage supply chain solutions to reduce inventory and the financial costs associated with it.  The client wanted to reduce lead times for the delivery of unique fashion items to offer customers more styles and create a sense of urgency to buy as items often sell out quickly. Moreover, the company was interested in gauging short-term trends that required them to buy bulk quantities of fabric from suppliers in different countries.

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Solutions Offered

To build a highly responsive supply chain for the success of the business, the supply chain management experts at SpendEdge analyzed the manufacturing and operational process of the company.  They also carried out qualitative and quantitative assessments to recommend supply chain solutions to build a unique real-time supply chain.

In a span of six weeks, supply chain solutions improved the company’s sourcing process and substantially reduced the time taken for the purchase of raw fabric from suppliers. This improved their inbound logistics process and ensured the timely delivery of their finished goods. It also helped the fashion retail company to compete on flexibility and agility rather than low costs and cheap labor. Moreover, the supply chain solutions empowered the client to reduce the ordered inventory time to three days. This made it easier for the company to retain its customers and deliver products when their customers want them.

Key Findings

The supply chain solutions helped the client to respond in real-time as styles and customer preferences keep on evolving. They were able to make necessary adjustments to manufacturing and supply chain operations.  The improvements made to production rates, vehicles, and delivery routes and schedules enhanced the agility of their supply chain and increased its efficiency to meet short-term demand forecasts.

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What are the Main Objectives of Supply Chain Solutions?

With the expansion of global markets and networks, it has become increasingly important for companies to leverage innovative supply chain solutions. By availing supply chain services, companies can considerably boost customer service, reduce operating costs, and enhance the financial stability of the company.

However, managing inventory, transportation, and logistics is a complex process for companies. In such a scenario, availing the services of best-in-class supply chain consulting firms is highly recommended for companies. Supply chain consulting firms allow for fast replenishment of inventory to meet customers’ demands. There are many more objectives of supply chain solutions that companies should aim to achieve:

  • Product or material replenishment
  • Faster speed to market
  • Optimization of pre and post production inventory levels
  • To enhance the efficiency of the distribution side



Why Is Supply Chain Services the Need of The Hour for Modern Businesses?

Today, supply chain services have become an integral part of businesses and are vital for the success of any organization. As manufacturers nowadays need to manage multiple product lines, companies with complex supply chains require supply chain services that can simplify the daily operations. Moreover, manufacturers have to manage logistics and address demand across the globe.  With effective supply chain services, companies can integrate functions, improve financial stability and boost customer services.

At SpendEdge, we understand the impact that supply chain services can have on expenditure. That’s why our team of experts has highlighted some relevant key areas that are crucial for businesses to grow and manage financial stability.

Importance of supply chain services 

#1 Streamline flows and integrate functions 

Aligns flow 

Retailers depend on supply chain services that can deliver products to customers on time and avoid holding costly inventories in stores any longer than necessary. With supply chain optimization companies can easily design, manage, and coordinate their supply chains.

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Integrates functions 

Supply chain management system bridges the gap between logistics, purchasing, and operations and ensures that companies focus on goals that can improve their overall performance. Businesses can even employ supply chain services companies for better-customized supply chain solutions.

Predicts demand 

Unlike earlier, demand planning  requires analytical skills and computer modeling. Not every company possess the efficiency to interpret the data and analyze the trends precisely. By outsourcing supply chain consulting and strategies companies can accurately predict market demand.

#2 Enhance monetary position

Improves profitability

Supply chain services help firms to reduce supply chain costs. This can lead to a dramatic increase in the profitability of companies. Also, supply chain services facilitate procurement managers to identify latent saving opportunities and offer cost-effective supply chain consulting and strategies.

Reduces fixed assets 

With proper supply chain services, firms can easily reduce the use of large fixed assets such as depositories, plants and transportation vehicles in the supply chain. They can redesign their network to serve customers in such a way that it can significantly reduce the number of warehouses.

Conducts supplier cost analysis 

Supply chain services enable firms to employ supplier cost analysis (or) price breakdown analysis technique and analyze various components. Furthermore, they aid in procuring the right products and services at the right price levels.

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#3 Boost customer service

Ensures timely delivery

Customer service function is often considered to be the end function of the supply chain, but it is definitely not the end process. It works to meet the needs of the customers and ensures customers receive what they want on-time. Therefore, it becomes imperative for companies to understand customer’s needs. With supply chain services, firms can easily access the skills and knowledge required to meet customer’s needs.

Extends after sale support 

The responsibilities of companies do not just end after the delivery of products. Customers expect products to be serviced at the earliest in case of any discrepancy. This requires companies to have supply chain solutions that can keep up with such demands.

Delivers value to customers 

It is essential  for companies to determine different ways to make purchase decisions easier and deliver value to their customers. For instance, retail companies like Amazon and Walmart are giving steady competition to brick-and-mortar retailers. Therefore, businesses need the help of reliable supply chain consulting firms that can provide them with competent supply chain solutions.

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