Media Procurement Strategies: Vision 2020


Media Procurement Strategies: Vision 2020

Title:                                       Thought Leadership Series: Media Procurement Strategies: Vision 2020

Presenters:                           SpendEdge Procurement Intelligence Experts     

Date:                                      Wednesday, October 26, 2016


With a huge proliferation of digital media and sheer growth in digital media spending, marketers struggle in making the right choices about what they buy, how they buy, and whom they work with. Media procurement has brought a new dimension and perspective in addressing these challenges by recognizing a programmatic approach to optimize media spend.

This webinar will discuss actionable procurement strategies for media professionals and give valuable insight on how to overcome sourcing challenges, while mitigating procurement risks. The 45 minute webinar will feature a panel of procurement experts presenting useful information for the category managers to understand:

–  Emerging agencies in digital media – Is the industry moving towards more consolidation?

–  Programmatic media buying and its impact on media procurement professionals

–  The holistic growth of digital media, across regions

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