SpendEdge Webinar on 9th, 10th May- Collaboration Wins Big in Global Logistics Market

Global logistics market

SpendEdge Webinar on 9th, 10th May- Collaboration Wins Big in Global Logistics Market

The logistics industry of tomorrow is hinged on collaboration and massively streamlined internal systems. The discipline of logistics management has evolved beyond its core problem solving stage- and is now focused on attaining maximum efficiency and transparency. This, is an evolving process- and the logistics companies of the world are continually looking for easily applicable solutions that are robust, scalable and cost effective. The operative word here is streamlining.

SpendEdge Webinar- Unearthing a Market Influencer

On the 9th & 10th of May 2017, SpendEdge, the globally renowned procurement intelligence advisory firm, is hosting an insightful discussion on ‘streamlining logistics and warehousing in direct distribution markets’. This webinar, conducted by expert luminaries from SpendEdge’s Bangalore based sourcing team, will deal with the following key considerations-

  1. Role of big data analytics in enhancing the visibility of the supply chain
  2. The challenges in managing order cycle period
  3. Implementation of a Global Trade Management System
  4. Cost savings through improved warehouse management

In recent times, investments are pouring in where supply chain resources, associated technology and fulfilment strategies are concerned. In large parts, companies are shooting for a completely seamless experience across the direct distribution markets and their logistics partners are sensing this need. Thus, there is a renewed emphasis on adopting collaborative operational models and solutions that may seem ‘transformational’ and the proverbial ‘next step’.

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Intrigued? If you are a Logistics and warehousing category manager, fleet procurement manager, supply chain director/manager, or an industry proponent who wishes to align his/her logistics enterprise in the general direction of improved productivity, collaboration and elimination of wasted movements, tune in via the following channels at the appointed hour.

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Expert Speakers Discuss Actionable Insights

Our speakers have years of domain expertise in sourcing and procurement. They are natural problem solvers and have a penchant for spotting encouraging market trends and gather resourceful insights when it comes to the global logistics industry. A brief introduction to them follows.

Yatheesh Chandrasekaran works with the Sourcing team in the Bangalore office of Infiniti Research (parent organization). He has 10+ years of cumulative experience in finance, strategic sourcing, & procurement. He has worked with clients in industrial services, media, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, and life sciences industries in the areas of procurement benchmarking, strategic sourcing, contract management, etc.

Sanya Sehgal works with the sourcing team in the Bangalore office of Infiniti Research. She has experience in working across sectors such as media, pharmaceutical, automotive, and industrial services in the areas of procurement benchmarking, strategic sourcing, and quantitative market modelling, etc.

See you there. Please do reach out to us if you seek more information or clarification.

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