SpendEdge Webinar on 7th and 8th Feb – Is advanced analytics shaping the way procurement teams will look at data?

SpendEdge Webinar on 7th and 8th Feb – Is advanced analytics shaping the way procurement teams will look at data?

The procurement department is considered to be the backbone of any business – and even though for many years, the procurementyatheesh department functioned more or less the same way, the new wave of digital technology has led to a radical shift in that thinking. The rapid development of digital technologies has changed the business world altogether and is expected to grow at an unprecedented rate. So it is entirely possible that the procurement teams will be dealing with new sets of digital opportunities. The rapid evolution of data analytics capabilities has enabled companies to store and process a large volume of data to generate relevant business insights in real-time. Such insights provide valuable information to the procurement teams, which help them make smart decisions on spending, managing suppliers, and designing better strategies. In an era that is fiercely competitive, the use of data analytics in procurement functions becomes essential to gain a competitive advantage. In a few years, analytics in procurement will not only be a matter of gaining a competitive edge, but also a matter of survival.

What are the opportunities for advanced data analytics in the field of procurement?

sanyaFor a long time, businesses have been reliant on intelligence systems to process historical information and identify the current trends in the business. The capabilities of those systems were limited to the point where they could only help out with basic forecasting. However, data analytics has and will continue to have considerable implications in the field of procurement. Historical data can be used to generate meaningful insights and propel strategic business decisions. Big data and advanced data analytics can also enable automated P2P procurement, predictive strategic sourcing, and establish a proactive supplier relationship management strategy. The rapid evolution of the IoT will only exacerbate the vision of a fully automated future, moving procurement teams away from small, repetitive tasks to tasks that are more strategic in nature.

Conducted by SpendEdge’s procurement experts, this webinar on the 7th & 8th of Feb will cover the following:

  • What are predictive, prescriptive analytics, and advanced data analytics?
  • Explore how predictive analytics helps achieve efficiency in the procurement process lifecycle
  • Key non-procurement areas where advanced analytics could add significant value
  • Insights on successfully setting up a best-in-class advanced analytics strategy

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