Changing Landscape of the European Fleet Procurement Market – Webinar


Changing Landscape of the European Fleet Procurement Market – Webinar

Shift from cost savings to business value and the centralization of shared processes are the key trends affecting both global sourcing and fleet procurement professionals.


Effective fleet procurement can be a time consuming and complicated experience, especially with volatile cost components like regionally variable maintenance labor rates and fuel prices. For most fleet managers new to the area
of fleet procurement, fleet operations can be a daunting area for sourcing and identifying savings, while maintaining program consistency. Where does one even start? After conducting multiple fleet sourcing initiatives with regional and multinational clients of varied size and nature, we at SpendEdge have learnt a number of lessons. If one thing is for certain, it is that no two fleet operations are the same.

Over the past few years, the realm of fleet procurement has drastically changed in the European market, primarily due to enhanced technological capabilities. The rapidly evolving procurement trends have now resulted in improved market coordination, streamlined supplier relationship management, better compliance, and minimized risk. This webinar, on the European fleet procurement market, offered fleet directors, fleet procurement experts, VP sales, and sales directors an overview of the dynamic procurement patterns to help them attain fleet efficiency and manage indirect procurement spend.

Here’s an insight into the key fleet procurement questions covered by our 45 minute webinar

  • How the emergence of ‘Mobility Integrators’ is transforming the fleet business model in the European market
  • Exploring the role of big data and predictive analytics in facilitating convergence of procurement and fleet management departments
  • How fleet managers are leveraging telematics for efficient driver management and improved fleet performance
  • Rise of new business models such as autonomous vehicle technologies, which are expected to digitize the whole automobile industry
  • Analyzing how consolidation in the industry can help organizations achieve operational efficiency

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