Leading Carbon Black Manufacturers in The World

Leading Carbon Black Manufacturers in The World

What is carbon black? 

Carbon black is a form of paracrystalline carbon powder, which has a high surface area-to-volume ratio that contributes to its electrically conductive properties. It is produced from the incomplete combustion of heavy petroleum substances such as FCC tar, coal tar, and ethylene cracking tar in a controlled environment. Typically, carbon black contains more than 95% pure carbon with minimal quantities of oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen. It is predominantly used as a reinforcing filler in tires and other rubber products. It is also extensively used in plastics, paints, and inks as a color pigment. The size of the spherical particles of carbon black has a direct impact on its blackness and dispersibility. The smaller the size of the particle, higher the blackness of the particle.

According to SpendEdge’s latest carbon black procurement market intelligence report, the rise in automobile sales will significantly contribute to the growth in this market. Furthermore, with the sales in the paints and coatings segment beefing up, we can expect a consequent spike in the black carbon market.

carbon blackTop manufacturers of carbon black


Cabot Corporation is a leading performance material and specialty chemicals manufacturer. Cabot is headquartered in Massachusetts, USA. The company delivers a broad range of products and solutions including transportation, infrastructure, environment, and consumer. The carbon black manufactured by Cabot is known to provide color, conductivity, and ultraviolet (UV) protection for specialty applications such as coatings, plastics, toners, and printing inks. Cabot is the world’s largest producer of carbon blacks and offers specialty product lines such as BLACK PEARLS, ELFTEX, VULCAN, MOGUL, MONARCH, EMPEROR, and REGAL carbon blacks.

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