Top 5 Market Leaders in Generator Manufacturing

A lot of focus is placed on energy sources such as steam turbines, wind turbines, and combustion engines when it comes to electricity generation. However, under the hood, generators, a critical component, work hard to convert mechanical energy to electromagnetic energy. Generators are capable of producing electricity from various sources including gas turbines, steam turbines, and water turbines. Generators are essential devices that can be used to supply electrical power in case of power outage, offering continuity to various business operations and manufacturing activities. The first electromagnetic generator named the Faraday disk was built by the British scientist Michael Faraday in 1831. The recent procurement market intelligence report by SpendEdge on the global generators market identifies the APAC region to be the most significant market for generators worldwide, posting a growth rate of 4%-7% by 2022. Industrial generator manufacturers, diesel generator manufacturers, and other generator manufacturers are banking on the growth of population and increase in purchasing power in countries such as China and India to expand their market share.

Generators are versatile devices that convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. They find application in various settings, including residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. In residential settings, generators serve as backup power sources during outages, ensuring uninterrupted electricity supply. In commercial and industrial settings, generators provide emergency power for critical operations, preventing downtime and financial losses. They are also used in construction sites, outdoor events, and remote locations where access to the electrical grid is limited. Generators play a crucial role in maintaining productivity, safety, and convenience in diverse situations.

Top generator manufacturing companies

Caterpillar is an American multinational company engaged in designing, developing, manufacturing, and marketing of construction equipment, engines, and generators. It is also the world’s largest construction equipment manufacturer and among the top generator manufacturers. The company has a wide variety of generators including diesel generators, gas generators, mobile generators, switchgear, ATS ATC breakers, contractors, microgrids, and continuous power modules. In December 2017, Caterpillar expanded its home and outdoor power equipment product line with the introduction of portable inverter generator named as Cat INV2000.

Top generator manufacturing companies


Cummins is a Fortune 500 corporation engaged in designing and manufacturing of engines and engine-related components that include turbochargers, fuel systems, controls systems, air handling systems, and electric power generation systems. One of the most prominent generator manufacturers in the world, Cummins sells its products in approximately 190 countries and territories with an extensive network of distributors and dealers. The company generated revenues of $17.5 billion in the year 2016 with a vast employee base of 55,400 people.


Kohler is an American manufacturing company, best known for manufacturing of plumbing fixtures, tile, furniture, cabinetry, engines, and generators. Amongst the top generator manufacturers in the world, their product line includes home generators, small business generators, industrial generators, and portable generators. Their latest product 30RCL 30w generator is capable of restoring power within 10 seconds in addition to being extremely quiet.


Generac is a leading backup power solution and generator manufacturers catering to the requirements of light commercial, residential, and industrial markets. Generac meets the power needs of consumers and businesses all across the world by providing standby power, backup generator, portable generator, and maintenance services. Their product range includes products such as diesel generator, gaseous generator, bi-fuel generator, and transfer switches and controller.

Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco is a Swedish company and is amongst the leading generator manufacturers in the world. The firm is involved in the production and distribution of industrial tools, equipment, generators pumps, compressors, and light towers. The company manufactures its products at about 100 production sites scattered across 20 countries. In September 2017, Atlas Copco acquired the operating assets of C.H. Spencer & Company, a US industrial products distributor of industrial pumps and compressors.

To know more about the top generator manufacturers in the world along with pricing insights, procurement challenges, category management, supply market insights, and sourcing strategies in SpendEdge’s upcoming report on the global generators market.

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