Top 5 Sugar Manufacturers You Should Know About

Nov 30, 2017

Sugar is the most commonly used additive that is used as a sweetener in food and beverages. Sugar is also used by key industries such as pharmaceutical, confectionery, and beverages industries. In recent times, the consumption of sugar has been on the rise due to increasing trend of consuming packaged foods and beverages. Additionally, the increased use of powdered, granulated, and syrup brown sugar in bakery items and sweetened beverages is driven by the consumption by the baking products industries in South America and APAC region. The recent procurement market intelligence report from SpendEdge expects the global consumption of sugar to increase at a rate of 2% per annum and reach nearly 200 MT by 2021. Sugar manufacturers are also supplying their products to various industries to manufacture transparent soaps, explosives, color and dyes, and antibiotics.

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Suedzucker AG

Suedzucker AG, which started out as Badische Gesellschaft für Zuckerfabrikation, is the world’s first sugar company which was formed in 1837. The company’s core competency lies in the large-scale processing of agricultural materials including sugar. Among one of the leading sugar manufacturers, the company offers a wide assortment of sugar types for baking, preserving, cooking, or as a sweetener. They also provide tailor-made sugar including directly compressible sugars for pharmaceutical applications and crystallized sugar and special liquid varieties for beverage and dairy industries.


Tereos, founded in 1932, is among one of the leading sugar manufacturers alongside being a leader in alcohol and starch markets. Being a sugar cooperative, Tereos is focused on the valorization of agricultural raw materials and development of quality food products. They supply sugar in consumer markets with renowned brand names such as Guarani in Brazil, Béghin Say, La Perruche, Blonvilliers and Ligne Sucre & Stévia in France, TTD in the Czech Republic, and Bourbon in Réunion. The company boasts a comprehensive product portfolio, which includes household sugar, industrial crystallized sugar, liquid and fondant sugar, fructo-oligosaccharide, and sugar for industrial facilities.


Cosan is among the leading sugar manufacturers that supplies most of its sugar for ethanol fermentation. It started its business off in the sugar and ethanol industry and subsequently expanded its business in agriculture, fuel and natural gas distribution, and lubricants and logistics. The company also owns various sub-brands such as Raizen, Comgas, Cosan Lubricants, Radar, and Rumo.

Associated British Foods

Associated British Foods is an international food, ingredients, and retail group that aims at providing quality products and services with a high degree of autonomy. The company groups its businesses into five segments namely, sugar, agriculture, retail, grocery, and ingredients. Among one of the most profitable sugar manufacturers, the company reported an operating profit of US$1.4 billion in the year 2016. Leading brands such as Primark, AB Sugar, AB Agri, SPI Pharma, Allied Mills, Twinings, Westmills Foods, and Ovaltine are all owned by Associated British Foods.

Mitr Phol Sugar

Mitr Phol Sugar is the leading sugar manufacturer and exporter and also the fifth biggest sugar manufacturer in the world. The Thai company was formed in 1946 and has its production bases in China, Thailand, Laos, and Australia. Sugar, molasses, fertilizer, and wood substitute materials constitute key product bases for the company.

CTA view full reportRead more about the top sugar manufacturers along with sugar suppliers, sugar industry, pricing strategy, sourcing models, and supplier evaluation criteria in SpendEdge’s upcoming report on the global sugar market.

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