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How can you mitigate supply chain disruptions with actionable market intelligence? 

The complexity and competitiveness of the business environment have increased over the last decade and are further aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic. This has resulted in a rise in demand for expert market intelligence firms that help the businesses in acquiring reliable data concerning market dynamics, supplier intelligence, and competitors’ best practices which then assists executives in strategic decision-making across the organization. Market intelligence services include supply market analysis, price forecasting, should-cost model, risk assessment, etc. developed by a team of analysts using a combination of primary research (interviews with subject-matter experts and suppliers along with consumer surveys) and secondary research (internal and external databases). Furthermore, market intelligence firms have evolved over the years and now also provide category management support which includes spending analytics, sourcing strategy development support, RFx event management, supplier negotiation support, contract management, supplier relationship management, and supplier score carding. Market intelligence firms are also incorporating the latest digital technologies including machine learning and artificial intelligence on their platforms to provide insights that are accurate, useful, and backed by robust data analytics.

To learn how an organization adapts to this rapidly changing market dynamics:

  • Overview and evolution of market intelligence services
  • Benefits of marketing intelligence firms for organizations
  • Case Studies that show impact of marketing intelligence

The increasing impact of disruptions in supply chain and the need to mitigate them is a massive concern in today’s business. You can learn more by requesting a FREE PROPOSAL NOW!!

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From retail to healthcare, businesses are scraping the bottom of the barrel hoping to find the next opportunity for topline growth or spending cutbacks. Contextualized category intelligence is increasingly the key differentiator.

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