SpendEdge Webinar – Top 10 Trends that are Shaping Procurement Market Intelligence

Procurement is one of the most important and indispensable functions in the modern supply chain. Correspondingly, the discipline of Procurement Market Intelligence (PMI) is gaining rapid momentum as well, proving to be more than just a clerical function and emerging as an active specialty that can help companies reduce overheads and improve productivity. Ensuring expertise in PMI is definitely a top priority in an average corporate bucket list that’s already dealing with increased competition, escalating costs and an ever-burgeoning nuisance of the counterfeit products and services market.

Actionable PMI Trends to Drive Robust Procurement Strategies

On the 31st of May, and 1st of June, SpendEdge hosted a webinar spanning 45 minutes, as part of its Thought Leadership Webinar Series, that addresses the growing role of procurement market intelligence (PMI) in the modern business entity. Until recently, PMI was a minor checkpoint on the larger manifesto of procurement and its dependent activities, however, with the changing demands of business, improved data management practices and with its inherent ability to catch upto the ever-changing technology landscape, PMI has gained its due prominence.

Conducted by expert luminaries from SpendEdge’s Bangalore based sourcing team, this webinar dealt with the following key considerations-

  • Role of advanced PMI in strategic decision making
  • Evolution of PMI outsourcing over time
  • Trends revolving around PMI outsourcing
  • Prevalent pricing models used by PMI providers
  • IPR management best practices

This webinar provides organizations an overview of the transforming procurement patterns, which can help them better manage their procurement spend and enhance their bottom-line.

Spot the Cracks and Devise Productive Fixes in your Own Procurement Process

SpendEdge has been helping companies perfect their procurement strategies by hosting regular webinars that are aimed at the key decision makers and include superlatively actionable insights. Configured as a top-10 listicle, this webinar will encourage the ‘movers-and-shakers’ of the procurement world, CPO or VP/Directors of Procurement and Sourcing, to imbibe the best of PMI into their own setup.

PMI is still an evolving platform, and hasn’t yet achieved peak fluency in over 90% of the real-world cases where PMI is already a component in the procurement cycle. The problem stems from the fact that professionals aren’t fully aware of the intelligence usage patterns, best suppliers, prevailing supplier engagement models, intelligence delivery models and best practices, used for choosing an efficient procurement market intelligence supplier that fits their specific needs. All of these impedes productivity and limit the benefits that can be sourced from a well deployed PMI platform. This webinar answers some of these pressing questions- while charting a future roadmap for PMI 2.0 and how it can be leveraged to achieve business excellence. 

Expert Speakers Discuss Actionable Insights

The appointed speakers are experienced sourcing and procurement specialists with expert insights on the current landscape of procurement market intelligence. A brief introduction follows.

Sanya works with the sourcing team in the Bangalore office of Infiniti Research (SpendEdge’s parent concern). She has experience in working across sectors such as Media, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, and Industrial Services in the areas of procurement benchmarking, strategic sourcing, and quantitative market modelling, etc.

Yatheesh also works with the sourcing team in the Bangalore office of Infiniti Research. He has 10+ years of cumulative experience in Finance, Strategic Sourcing, & Procurement. He has worked with clients in Industrial Services, Media, Consumer Goods, Pharmaceuticals, and Life Sciences industries in the areas of procurement benchmarking, strategic sourcing, contract management, etc.

Please do reach out to us if you seek more information or clarification.

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